We asked our mums what a fuckboy is


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We asked our mums what a fuckboy is

‘Is it like a shag buddy?’

Mums are a sadly unappreciated source of valuable life advice. Whether it’s serving as our retro fashion inspirations or telling us their thoughts on what university should really be like, it’s safe to say they know what they’re doing a lot more than we do. But finally, we’ve uncovered the one thing our mums don’t understand. Like us, they simply do not understand the concept of fuckboys (although they’re very intrigued).

First of all, I asked my mum (Lena). Initially confused, she finally went for a reasonably PG suggestion.


Afterwards we took the question to more confused mothers. These were the best of their bad answers:

Tom Jenkin, journalist


“I think it’s someone who screws around a lot – OK change the wording – sleeps around a lot,probably more appropriate. We would’ve called them worse things.”

Annabel Murphy, Manchester


“21 and pretty with a preference for maturity and experience” – (Reckon she wanted one of those for herself).

Bobby Palmer, journalist


“I’d have to Google it. Is it like a shag buddy? A rent boy? A serial shagger?”

Charlotte Srahan, Bath


My old girl misheard and thought I said duckboy. She then went on to assume it was a male worryingly invested in Mallards.

Oli Dugmore, journalist



Lexi Harvey, Birmingham


Poppy Kevelighan, Newcastle


“A fuckboy is a boy who sleeps with lots of girls. He loves and leaves and will probably ghost you. He will be full of charm, worm his way into your affections and then leave once he’s had his wicked way. You should avoid them” (She seems very well acquainted).

Bianca Fernandez, Indiana University


“Is it when someone just goes for sex with no strings attached?” (The irony is she works in a college bar downtown. I don’t know how she doesn’t know.)

Eleni Mitzali, journalist


Meg Ward, Birmingham

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 17.39.05

“Same as a rent boy, underage, for money.”

Immy Ursell, Queen Mary




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