God knows who is behind this ‘Brock Turner for 2016 Olympics’ Facebook page


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God knows who is behind this ‘Brock Turner for 2016 Olympics’ Facebook page

The former Stanford swimmer sexually assaulted a female student behind a dumpster in an alley

A Facebook page called “Brock Turner for 2016 Olympics” is calling for the end of a “campaign of slander” against the ex-Stanford swimmer who was given a six-month jail sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman in 2015.

His victim read a powerful letter to the court condemning the freshman’s lack of remorse at his sentencing, which went viral this weekend.

Yesterday, Turner’s dad defended his son’s crime by saying that he should not be jailed for only getting “20 minutes of action.” He elaborated on this by saying that his 20 year-old son’s life “has been deeply altered forever,” and that he will “never be his happy-go-lucky self” again.

The page, which contains dozens of rape-apologizing memes, statuses and articles, argues that there has been a miscarriage of justice and that Brock Turner shouldn’t be imprisoned and should be able to compete at swimming in the 2016 Rio Olympics

“It’s not Brock’s fault the chick passed out before they got to the good part,” says one status.

Another status says: “One of the founding principles of this page is that Brock is hated on because he’s a winner. His family are also winners. Your populist, pinko rhetoric betrays your true intent.”

Initially, following the comments made by Brock’s father, it was assumed by many that his dad might be the admin of the page. ‘Mooseplaining Max’ said on Twitter that the page is more likely run by a “a PUA with the sole purpose of defending Brock.”

We spoke exclusively to the admin of the page who said: “I have no relation to Brock. I’m just someone who has been following this story since it broke.

“I’m not at Stanford. I just think binge drinking is something that needs to be addressed with our youth.”

The admin, who refused to provide their name, said: “I think most of the negative comments I have been receiving are from misguided PC libtards.

“They don’t seem to realize that we are all responsible for our own actions, drunk or not. Brock is paying for his, with a jail sentence and wrongly being forever labeled a sex offender. He is just a kid who made a mistake.”

The admin of the page has endorsed Trump for President. When asked about this, they said: “Like most conservative Americans, I believe in having a high moral standard and taking responsibility for one’s actions. Unlike my haters.”

A rival page, “Brock Turner for Prison 2016“, was set up in protest to the original page. Maria Concetta Moore and Nadia Dawisha, two of the founders, told The Tab: “We wanted to create a page that would counter ‘Brock Turner for 2016 Olympics’. It’s a public landing page for info on the case, petitions for the judge to be repealed, and a push for equality in sentencing.”

It recently received 800 likes in 12 hours and now has over 12 times as many likes as ‘Brock Turner for 2016 Olympics’.