Does texting count as cheating?


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Does texting count as cheating?

‘It’s an emotional affair’

It’s a fairly common situation – you’re in a relationship, but your mind (and texting fingers) wander, and pretty soon you’re Facebook messaging, WhatsApping, Snapchatting (or all three) someone other than your SO. Is it fun, a harmless outlet, or is it evidence of sinister backchanneling, of infidelity? Crucially: Does it count as cheating? We asked these Londoners what they thought.

Danielle, 26, HR at a coffee company


“Yeah, I think so. The intention is there.”

Rob, 23, accounting executive

IMG_8454“No, I don’t. I don’t think there’s a reason behind thinking that. If you’re both comfortable with it, it’s fine.”

Beth and Emily, 21, graduates in Fashion Textiles


Beth (right): “Definitely emotionally.”

Emily (left): “It’s cheating emotionally because you’re emotionally saying that you’re committed to your partner but then aren’t by texting someone else.”

Ruth, 34, make-up artist


“Yeah, if it’s got intent then definitely.”

Romain, 27, bike messenger


“No, not necessarily!”

Josh, 24, social media Content Editor


“Yes, because it’s a break of trust. If the other person is open then maybe not. Like if it’s an open relationship then no. But if it’s a secret, it’s broken trust.”

Steve, 50, Slinger Banksman (construction)


“Yes, because you’re not talking to your partner, but you’re giving personal information to someone else. It’s a form of cheating.”

Marie Elyons, 55


“If you’re expressing that you’re attracted to the other person or that you have ‘sexual’ intentions, then yes, it is.”

Lauren Cornelius, 26


“Yes because you’re being unfaithful by looking elsewhere. You shouldn’t be looking anywhere else.”

Jane, 22

jane “Yes, definitely cheating. It’s an emotional affair.”

Justin Akomiah, 26


“Yes it does. Because if you there is any physical attraction, there’s bound to have repercussion. Thing is, I wouldn’t consider it cheating if I did it. But I’d be pissed off if my girlfriend did it.”

Gina Lopresti, 21, and Casey Tyring, 22


Gina: “Not cheating. Im attracted to a lot of people. I can talk to who I want.”

Casey: “If it’s a new relationship, no. It’s cool to talk to different people. If it’s a long lasting one, then yes, I do think it counts as cheating.”

Ali Costerton, 37


“It’s suspicious. If it’s a long term friend, then no I don’t think it counts. If it’s a new encounter, I would definitely look into it.”

Emmanuel Esteban, 30


“Not really. No physical interaction. In my opinion, you have to make the effort of being attractive enough to keep your girl under control.”


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