Is it OK to get with someone who’s in a relationship?


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Is it OK to get with someone who’s in a relationship?

‘I don’t want that karma’

It may seem like an obvious question, but is it really? If you get with someone that you know is in a relationship, surely it’s kind of their fault for being unfaithful in the first place. I mean what have you done wrong really? Maybe you were both a bit drunk or pissed off about something or just had a moment together, so what right?But then at the same time you don’t wanna be the asshole that got with someone’s partner. It’s a toughie.

So we hit the streets to see what people thought about getting with someone who they know is in a relationship.



“It’s OK, it wouldn’t bother me at all. They wouldn’t get with you if their relationship was rock solid. I don’t think responsibility is an issue, I think it shows they have an issue in their relationship and are looking to try something new.”



“No, it’s not OK. Actually, it depends on whether I know their partner or if they’re in a serious relationship. It depends on a lot of different things. But basically no, it’s not OK.”

Kim and Koen


“Well, I guess not. If the other person is in a relationship it should be their responsibility though.”



“Not for me, but if she’s with someone I wouldn’t try anything anyway. But if I’m in love with her then yeah maybe I would.”

Roberta and Joshua


Roberta: “No, because it’s not cool is it?”

Joshua: “No it’s not OK. Always try to take the higher ground, if you’re not happy in your relationship you can leave them before getting with someone else.”



“No, not for me. I just wouldn’t do it, I don’t want that karma.”



“No, because they’ve got a boyfriend/girlfriend. It’s just not right. If they’ve got a partner they shouldn’t be doing that and you shouldn’t be doing that either.”



“No, for me it’s not OK because I’m married and because that’s how I’ve been brought up by my parents. If you’re not happy in the relationship you should tell them before doing anything.”

Nicholas and Fabien


“It’s not OK but it’s the other person’s responsibility. If you’re single you have less responsibility than the other person who’s in a relationship.”



“No, of course not. Why would you do that? It’s both of your responsibilities.”



“That’s an interesting one. I would probably say no but I would also probably say it’s the responsibility of the person who’s in the relationship. They’re the one in the relationship, they should know whether they should proceed with something or not.”


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