I tried omgyes, the website which supposedly helps you have better sex


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I tried omgyes, the website which supposedly helps you have better sex

Let’s get steamy

I’ve had some really shitty sex in my time. Partly due to alcohol, but also partly due to the fact that most boys are pretty clueless. Porn is not an accurate representation of anything mate, so please stop trying to put four fingers in me from the get go. When I first heard about Omgyes.com, I was incredibly excited. As someone who finds it very awkward to discuss sex with my partner, and things I want, the fact that I had a way to manually show him, without actually telling him was a huge relief. I first heard about the website through online advertising on facebook, but it took me a while to actually commit to the experiment.

The whole package, 12 videos, cost £19, and even I wasn’t willing to commit to that amount of pleasure, so I opted for the free version. This gave me access to one set of free videos and tutorials. Personally, I believe that the service is worth the money. The premise behind it is amazing, there should seriously be more focus on female pleasure, and for what you actually get, it does seem that amazing. I would seriously recommend it to any girl who finds it hard to talk about sex, as it allows you to express stuff that you find hard to communicate.

Initially, I was excited when I saw the the first video, which was about edging, although I had heard of this before. Essentially, edging is a highly frustrating activity, where your partner stops you before you reach orgasm, two to three times, before letting you go. It is meant to make your orgasm much more intense, and generally it does. I was a little bit annoyed that they didn’t let you choose the video that you wanted, but I guess that’s what you get for being a cheapskate/poor student. Whatever. I persuaded my boyfriend to try it, and away we went.

The first part of the set that you get, is a video about the girl who is showing you the technique you will be practicing. The lady who discusses edging is a mother, which I thought was amazing. A great thing about this service is they are age inclusive, which is incredibly encouraging. There is clearly a lot of stigma around older women and pleasure, so way to go Omgyes for breaking down the age barriers. The video explains how she came across edging, a very steamy story about a guy in his twenties who gave her the best head of her life, jel. There were then two other videos from different women’s perspective, who were from different age groups. All these videos actually made it less awkward. I don’t know what I was expecting, or what my problem is, but discussing what I want from sex makes me so awkward, probably thanks to the society we live in which isn’t the best at acknowledging women’s needs.

Up next there were interactive tools which include graphs and other mathematical things. As an English student, the graphs knocked a lot of fun out of it for me. Suddenly it all seemed so serious and intense which was a little off putting.However, when I actually looked at the graph it was simply a visual aid for what we are looking at. I liked the fact there was a lot of information on what we were doing, it meant I actually didn’t have to say anything I could just read, so much relief for the awkward person I am.

Next we had more videos, only this time they were showing us the good stuff. The fact that there was a video of a girl bringing herself to orgasm, was actually very liberating. I thought I was going to blush and have to hide, but actually it was really informative. Unlike porn or anything else other women (and men)  may have used to understand female pleasure, there was no seediness about what we were watching. Also, the fact that she was talking while she was demonstrating showed me that this was actually real (a massive issue I have with anything that shows girls cumming in under 30 seconds). Despite the fact that we only got see one video, it was actually really good. It didn’t feel awkward or weird watching a girl masturbate, like I thought it would be, but was pretty interesting.

Attempting the technique, however, was a little difficult. My poor boyfriend must hate me as I’m so hard to please. However, it worked out in the end which was very exciting. It kind of knocked out a lot of the sexy as we were trying to follow the video as well as pull it off, and keep the heat. I guess it would be one of those systems which were more about watching then doing, rather than trying to do both.

Overall, I think this is literally amazing. Most girls have a lot of shitty sex so the fact that there is something that is for girls that gives us stuff we can try ourselves, as well as our partner. 10/10 would recommend to a friend, although I really hope my mother doesn’t read this.