The 25 most successful fashion bloggers under 25


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The 25 most successful fashion bloggers under 25


These fashion bloggers live lives of designer collaborations, jetsetting and glamour on the reg. Some have appeared in Vogue, DJ in New York and model with famous agencies, and they’re still all under 25.

Jane, Sea of Shoes, 24

Jane started her personal style blog at the age of 15. Collaborating with prestigious brands from Guess to Gucci, she has become one of the most successful fashion bloggers with 372,000 followers on Bloglovin’ and approximately 2,400 visitors daily. Even Kanye is a fan.

2. Kristina, Kayture, 20

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Kayture was started as a fashion blog in 2011 and it’s now a sleek, professional website. Teen Vogue went as far as to say that Kristina is “singlehandedly making Geneva the French-speaking fashion capital of the world.”

3. Julia, Gal meets Glam, 24

Julia’s blog is all things girly. Floral, pretty and feminine, as a full-time blogger Julia blogs about everything glamorous. She blogs about fashion, beauty and travel, inspiring both envy and aspiration.

4. Danielle, We Wore What, 24


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Danielle’s personal style blog showcases her chic monochrome outfits. Her photos are high quality and her style is elegant and aspirational, but also achievable for brave and creative fashionistas.

5. Tavi, Style Rookie, 20

Though Tavi does not blog anymore (she has moved onto running the online magazine Rookie and performing on Broadway), she will always be the teen style blogger who showed the world the power and creativity of teenage girls. Starting her blog at the age of 11, she was backstage at fashion shows by the time she was 13. Her kooky and daring Comme des Garcons inspired style made her a fashion industry darling.

6. Tolly, Tolly Dolly Posh, 16

Also 16, Tolly says that personal style is important for young women because, “we all wear clothes, so they’re an essential part of our life, and being able to combine that necessity with spreading a message, is a great thing. Personal style is a great way to express ourselves without having to say anything. You can express who you are and what you believe in, Your personal style is just an extension of your personality and your being, so it’s a great thing to utilise!” Tolly has been featured in The Telegraph, The London Evening Standard and i-D magazine as well as appearing in a number of teen magazines.

7. Callie, Callie’s Street Chic, 16

One of the youngest bloggers featured in this list, Callie has been blogging since she was 13 and is extremely accomplished for her age. She is not only a fashion blogger but also a DJ and a model. She danced for the NYC Ballet for eight years and her DJ set has opened for Ed Sheeran. She has been modelling since the age of seven and has been in editorials in Vogue and Teen Vogue.

8. Kavita, She Wears Fashion, 22

Sheffield-based Kavita originally started her blog at the age of 16 to document her love of vintage fashion, but since then she has expanded it to cover beauty and lifestyle also. She has been featured in a number of magazines, such as Look, More and Closer.

9. Sarah, That Pommie Girl, 22

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Half Australian, half English, Sarah’s personal style blog documents her signature look of black and dusty pink. Her look is classy but also easily achievable with high street purchases.

10. Ella, La Petite Anglaise, 24

Ella’s style is the perfect mix of edgy and sophisticated. Ella has been featured in Vogue, The Telegraph and New York Magazine. She has also collaborated with brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Mulberry.

11. Ellie, Rose and Vintage, 18

Ellie won Company Magazine’s Teen Fashion Blogger Award in 2014 and has attended five seasons of London Fashion Week. She says that, “personal style is important for young women as it allows them to create an identity that is separate to their gender, separate to body image and its associated sexualisation. For me, personal style means creating looks and exploring fashion and using my body as a canvas to play with – my looks and physical body are not part of the outfit, I worry less about them. Instead, any insecurities I have are left behind and I focus solely on the clothes. Style allows women to discover themselves and present themselves however they choose, without having to conform to what society expects or wants.”

12. Paulien, Polienne, 22

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Pauline is a model and fashion blogger from Antwerp. She has been featured in Elle magazine and collaborated with Estee Lauder.

13. Louise, Pandora, 24

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Louise is a Paris-based fashion blogger who supports the stereotype that Parisian’s really do do fashion best. She began her studies at the Sorbonne and completed her degree in history elsewhere in Paris. As well as blogging, Louise reports for Marie Claire and is a presenter for a Japanese TV show in collaboration with Marie Claire.

14. Cara, Cara Loren, 24

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Cara blogs about fashion and family life. She also has a YouTube channel and runs her own online shop.

15. Lily, Lily MelRose, 24

Even though I live by the coast it's always nice seeing it again. Dat blue tho.

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Unlike a number of equally successful blogs, the appeal of Lily Mel Rose’s personal style is that her outfits are made up of high street pieces and therefore much more accessible for the average blog reader. Lily has published a book about blogging, has her own online shop and YouTube channel as well as appearing in a number of magazines.

16. Adele, Secret Hipster, 21

Adele studies science but her blog expresses her creative side. She believes that, “personal style is important to young women as it facilitates self-expression.” Her blog is updated frequently with high-quality and inspiring content.

17. Hannah, Hannahlouisef, 22

Through her blog Hannah has been featured on high street fashion sites, ASOS, and Missguided. She’s also written for The Tab Manchester as well as being featured in Company magazine. Hannah thinks that personal style is important for young women because because “it affords us the power of self-expression, self-confidence, and identity. Whether that comes through following every trend, wearing your favourite band’s t-shirt, being able to cover up or show off your skin, or not caring about what you wear at all, personal style can be invaluable to selfhood.”

18. Maddy, Fashion Obscura, 20

The struggles of trying to fit an entire outfit in a Polaroid frame…

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Maddy writes fashion show reviews and opinion pieces. Her outfit posts are all taken as Polaroids. She is a fashion journalism student at Central Saint Martins and has been featured in Vogue, Tatler, Teen Vogue and i-D among many other magazines.

19. Paige Joanna, Paige Joanna, 24

Paige Joanna’s personal style is bright and quintessentially British. Her looks are simple but the but she accessorises them perfectly.

20. Olivia, What Olivia Did, 22

Olivia’s blog is extremely pretty and she writes about travelling as well as posting personal style posts. She also blogs about food and culture.

21. Khensani, Glitter Daiquiri, 18

aye, yo, fuck this weather fr

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Khensani has been featured in i-D, Teen Vogue and Elle and believes that personal style is “the visual equivalent of having your own voice. In order to have full control and agency over your identity, I think you have to invest energy in every aspect of it. And how you present yourself to world is an important part of that.”

22. Lexi, Lexi Likes, 16


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Lexi’s blog is professional and her writing voice is mature, but she does not seem distanced from her audience as she also writes about how she is balancing studying for her GCSEs and binge-watching Dexter. Lexi has been featured in Teen Vogue.

23. Rosalind, Clothes, Cameras & Coffee, 21

Caught among the daisies by the divine @susannahkbs

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Rosalind won the Vogue Talent Contest in 2011 when she was only 16. Since then she has started studying at Oxford as well as writing for Vogue, Broadly, BBC Radio 4 and The Guardian. She has been featured in a number of magazines and has just published her first book. Oh, and she models too.

24. Kayla, Kayla Hadlington, 23


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Kayla has candy pink hair and dresses in pastel colours. Her blog is an aesthetically pleasing combination of pastel pinks and blues.

25. Kailey, Mermaidens, 21

Who else is wishing they were at a pool right now? ??

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Kailey finishes the list with some similarly fierce pink hair. She has 120k Instagram followers on her pastel coloured account.