I asked my single friends how to nail being single


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I asked my single friends how to nail being single

They’re experts

Being in a relationship I often wonder just how all my single friends actually deal with being single. What do they actually do? Who can they snuggle up to at night? How do they cope with not having date night? Who can they constantly Netflix and chill with?

So I thought I’d ask some of them.

Samantha Strong, 20, second year Design for Film and TV, Nottingham Trent

“I’m amazing at being single. I love it. I can get with loads of boys on nights out and go on loads of dates and even get free food out of it! I just love being able to chirpse as many boys as I want, it’s so fun.”

Amber Forman, 20, second year Fashion Design, Birmingham City

“I’ve been nailing being single for 20 years. I’m so good at being single that I’m still single. I do think it’s time for my single life to end though, I’ve found from experiences that single laddish boys are dicks and just use you, I need to find a man, preferably one with tattoos and a beard.”

James Bongart, 19, second year Sport and Exercise Science, Nottingham Trent

“I love and hate being single at the same time. I love having the freedom to see who I want and when I want but I do miss having someone special who is all mine. But, I have gained loads of my friends back, because my ex was a complete nutjob.”

Elyse Gayer, 20

“I love being single most of the time. Whilst my coupled up friends are with their boyfriends on a Friday night, I spend my time drinking tea and spooning my cuddly toys, what more could you want? However, my sister gets boyfriend after boyfriend after boyfriend, she’s the girl who is never single, and I’m always in the corner like a loner, so it would definitely be nice to be the one with the boyfriend for once.”

Mia Sands, 20

“I like being single because I can do what I like. Being single is great and I’m happy as I am. Yes, having a boyfriend would also be great. But I’m in a good place within myself and I don’t need a boyfriend to do that for me.”

Yoni Herst, 20, second year Psychology, Nottingham Trent

“Being single isn’t that great. I’d much rather have a girlfriend, just that one special person, who I can spend loads of time and have fun with. Being single among single girls – it’s just not as special. I want something more permanent. So I guess I’m not really nailing being single that well.”

Mannat Chandail, 20, second year Broadcast Journalism, Nottingham Trent

“I really like being single. I’ve never really taken being single too seriously or worried about it. I don’t think it’s a big deal, I’m happy. But it can sometimes have its dull moments. It would be nice to have someone to sit back and relax with at any point of time without any drama – having a boyfriend  can cause so much drama that I don’t need. So I’d definitely much rather stay at home, eat some pizza and watch Gotham, boy free.”

Bronte Sheridan, 20, second year Media and Communications, Nottingham Trent

“I love not being restricted and having to think about someone else in regards to my actions – like I can go out whenever I want to. But sometimes I do think it would be nice to go on a night out and know that someone’s waiting for me when I get home. And know that even if I look ugly it doesn’t matter because I’ve got no one to impress. But saying that, I do love getting with different boys and it being exciting and funny when I talk about it the next day with my pals.”

Sam Zeff, 20

“To be honest, being single definitely swings roundabouts for me. At the moment I only have one woman to answer to, my mother. I can see whoever I want to see and when I want to see them and I don’t have the stress and worry about how much time I have to dedicate and devote to my girlfriend. The best part of being single for me would be that I can stick my tongue down as many girls’ throats as I want to, and sleep with as many women as my heart contents without any worries at all.

“But having said this, I can’t have regular sex with a woman I love and feel close to every day. I certainly don’t have the privilege to Netflix and chill with that one person. I want to be able to love someone, share shit we get up to during our days and kiss and cuddle. So I like being single but I look at it not as a choice but that the right one for me is still out there waiting for me to find her.”

Clearly there are pros and cons to being in a relationship, and my single and ready to mingle besties seem just fine doing their thang whether they’re going out on the pull or staying in on a Friday night drinking tea. Now, time to get back to my boyfriend.