Royal Holloway student’s Facebook status goes viral after complaining about catcalling


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Royal Holloway student’s Facebook status goes viral after complaining about catcalling

Over 10,000 people have liked and shared her post

Every girl has probably experience being catcalled or wolf whistled at some point. It is, unfortunately, part of everyday life. But sometimes it can go to the extreme, and it seems as though girls are really getting fed up with it.

One girl’s experience recently went viral, after she posted about not only being catcalled, but also being followed by men in cars shouting lewd comments. She was stopped by various cars as men of different ages tried to get her attention.

In the status Emma describes her afternoon, well 10-minute walk to the station:

She writes: “Now it seriously concerns me that I couldn’t walk for eight minutes without getting beeped at and shouted at by THREE separate cars driven by teenage boys, yelling the usual ‘Oi oi’s ‘Nice ass’ ‘Corr I would’ ‘Show us some more gorgeous’.

“Please teach your boys not to objectify a girl simply because she squats and has a nice ass, or nice anything. Not your ass to comment on. Never will be.”

This is a lot of unwanted attention in such a short space of time, and is hopefully one of the rarer cases of this, but it is not unusual. The status attracted a lot of attention, which just proves how much it angers girls are and how often it happens.

Despite Emma having many Facebook friends and followers, this status got over 10,000 likes and 3,000 shares. It reached as far as Bristol when the status was posted in Egham. Girls from all over the country, as well as closer to home, have shared the status also sharing their experiences and showing their support for Emma and her reaction to what happened. The status appears to put into words what a lot of girls experience, and how they feel about it.

Luckily Emma could pass it off and wasn’t actually threatened by any men. But as she points out in her status, following girls and hanging out of car windows is bordering on stalking, and who knows how someone could go one day. Let’s hope that never happens and in the mean time that men stop catcalling girls on a daily basis.