We asked Glasto virgins what they expect from the festival


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We asked Glasto virgins what they expect from the festival

‘I mean it’s good vibes or no vibes really’

For anyone who’s ever been to a festival Glastonbury is like the ultimate goal. Glastonbury attendees will tell about how amazing it is and how you will never experience anything like it in your life. The mystical and magic festival is one of the most infamous around and is home to some of the biggest stages, the best acts and the most amazing times.

However all this comes at a cost, registering for you tickets, waking up at the crack of dawn in order to switch on every internet enabled device in your home so you can get tickets, then when you fail to get through go through it all again on the resale. If you are one of the lucky people that gets through then you have been blessed by God and should be extremely grateful. You are a chosen one.

This year is my first year going to Glastonbury and I literally do not not know what to expect. I have been to Leeds festival before but that’s totally different to the magic Glastonbury, right? So what should I take? What should I expect? How much money should I bring? So many questions and so little answers. I decided to ask a few other Glasto virgins about that perceptions of the festival and a few other questions about the preparation for it.

Did you really go to Glasto if you didn’t get a picture of the sign?

Rhiannah Hyland, 20, The University of Law Manchester 

Rhiannah’s a beaut

“Money wise I’ve saved around £50 a day for food, maybe a few soft drinks to add to alcohol I’m already taking. I’ve heard there are cash points around the site. So I will take my card as a back up but I have bought about two crates of cider and have big bottle of vodka and two bottles of Caribbean rum, I’m just going to get soft drink there. I think I’m going to be pretty drunk for the majority of the weekend.

“The line-up is pretty standard this year, I’m looking forward to seeing Coldplay but other than that I am just going for the atmosphere, if it’s as amazing as what I’ve heard people say then it doesn’t matter who is performing I have no idea as to the atmosphere, I get asked am I going festivals all the time, when I tell people I’m going to Glastonbury, everyone just gives me a look of envy and all those who have been just tell tales of how awesome it was, some guy in Tesco even stopped me the other day and told me he went and fence jumped just to see the rolling stones perform a few years ago.”

Ellie Rice, 19, Liverpool

Ellie’s buzzing for Jezza

“I’ve been told it’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced so I’m really expecting huge things now. I’m hoping it’s pretty chilled out and generally happy and excited. I’ve been to V Festival and Reading and I’m expecting to be a bit like both in some ways – they’re obviously quite mainstream so I guess it’ll be similar around the Pyramid stage but I have no idea about the other areas; I hear there’s a rabbit hole?  I’m so excited to see Catfish and The Bottlemen – I’m a huge fan and I’ve had The Ride on repeat since it came out, other than that we want to go see Jeremy Corbyn when he talks, LCD Soundsystem, Shura, Tom Odell, Coldplay, ELO – everyone really, the lineup is sick.

“We’re probably going to take spirit and mixer and some wine boxes, I don’t plan on getting too drunk every night because I’m a bit of a nightmare on a hangover and I’d rather enjoy it without a pounding head; that and the price of drink in festivals in ridiculous when you’re a poor student. I actually have no idea, I haven’t even thought about it yet. Just more of everything compared to what I took to V and Reading- snacks, glitter, booze.”

Lucy Kehoe, 20, Liverpool

This will be Lucy’s first festival ever

“I’m expecting it to be quite friendly and fun – I’ve heard it’s very middle class and family-orientated so I’m not worried about it being scary or anything. I’ve never been to a festival before so this is my first. I don’t know who I’ll see, I’m pretty easy and happy to just walk around and enjoy the atmosphere and find – I’d quite like to see Ben UFO, and Mungo’s HiFi Though. I’d also like to see Adele just because I think it will be a once in a lifetime opportunity and I reckon the atmosphere will be pretty good.

“I’m not planning to get particularly fucked – just enough to enjoy myself really. I’m probably going to take a big box of tinnies. I’m planning on taking about £100 (that’s all I’ve got) because we’ve also taking food with us and I don’t really want to spend too much. I feel like you have to be a bit more fashion aware at Glastonbury – it’s got such a reputation for its style so I feel like I’m thinking about more clothes than maybe I would normally?”

Daisy Bernard, Journalist, Manchester grad

Daisy’s buzzing for glasto

“I think atmosphere will be pretty chilled. It’s a lot longer/bigger than other festivals I’ve been to. I can imagine it will be way harder to meet up with people and there’ll be a lot more walking. I’ll probably spend a lot more money too – thats why I will probably take some vodka and mixers, I still need to check if there is a limit though. I haven’t really thought about money yet, I will probably take whatever I have left in my bank account before payday.
“Out of all the acts I’m looking forward to James Blake the most. Things that I will deffo take to Glasto, I’ll be taking a torch (as normally i’d use my iPhone, but that’s gonna run out) and might also take multivitamins because I won’t be able to eat as much fruit and veg as I do at home.”

Thomas Davies, 20, Manchester Metropolitan University 

Is Tom the group leader?
 “With regards to spends for Glastonbury I have not saved any money up for it due last month I spent more money in one month than I ever have in my life. So, I’m just going to take my bank card and do the right thing as a student, overdraft. Having never been to Glastonbury before I am not sure what the atmosphere is going to be like. I’ve experienced festivals before and the atmosphere has always been great and I’ve met a lot of great people. I’m sure the atmosphere at Glastonbury will not disappoint and there’s hundreds of thousands of people there so I’m sure there will be few people who know the patter at the festival.
“Either way I know the atmosphere is going to be great and I’m gonna have a great time. I plan to drink a lot of course, what’s a festival without warm cans of lager. Loving the fact that you can take your own ale to stages at Glasto where at Leeds you have to pay through the nose for a flat lager in a bastard plastic cup. Not about that. Looking forward to the wide range of music on offer at Glasto, not looking forward to the headliners as they are fucking ridiculously shit this year. Muse are shite, Chris Martin is an idiot and Adele, well she’s alright like but can’t be arsed being pissed watching her, fuck me I’ll be one set of bad news away from an early funeral. Just think there’s a time and a place for Adele and it’s not headlining a festival.
“Yeah, so my headliners at Glastonbury are New Order, Earth Wind And Fire and Disclosure. Either way can’t wait for Glastonbury, if it’s anything like the festival experiences I’ve had before I know I’m gonna have a banging time and that’s all that matters.”

Callum Murphy, 20, Cambridge

Callum’s buzzing for next week
“I mean its good vibes or no vibes really, like i’ve been to Leeds a few times before and that’s always good so this should be better. Who do I want to see? My mum on Tuesday as that means I’m still alive. I’m going to go all out, its going to be a heavy sesh not going to lie. Money wise I will take whatever I get paid before I go and that’s pretty unpredictable. At the moment I’ve got loads of bevs but no coat. Lets have it.”

Oli Dugmore, Journalist, Cardiff grad

“I expect it to be pretty chilled and unlike any other festival, to be honest. I’ve never been before but all the hype that surrounds it obviously exists for a reason. I’m looking forward to watching Lapsley the most, other than that I’ll see whoever is going, I don’t intend to overly plan it.
“And yes I’m going to get loose, I’ll be taking as much as I can carry.”