I tried out boob contouring


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I tried out boob contouring

I looked like the Lion King

Personally, I don’t know if I’m totally okay with the whole concept of body contouring, I think it can seem a little misleading and sometimes a bit pointless but I guess you could say the same thing about plastic surgery. I’ve seen videos of people contouring on their legs and the back of their necks which to me seems crazy. However, since I see it a lot on my Instagram I thought why not give it a go. I’ve always had a passion for makeup so why not be experimental.

A standard, pre-boob contouring me

I didn’t wear a bra for this little experiment because I wanted to see how much of a genuine difference it made. Firstly, I contoured the areas of my chest that I know should be darker, if for some reason you’re reading this article and using it as a tutorial and have no idea what I mean, I’d suggest googling it. There seems to be a lot of different severities to the technique but this is how I did it:

Stage one: Contour

After I had ‘mapped out’ where I wanted to be darker I added the highlighter, for both the contour and the highlight I used ICONIC London’s cream contour palette (which is my ultimate favourite), alternatively you can use an Anastasia Beverly Hills cream contour kit, Morphe Brush’s 9FC/9FW palette or just a cheap one off Depop. So here is how my exotic Lion King-esque body paint was looking:

Stage two: Highlight

Stage three: Blending

Then it was time to blend it all in, for me when it comes to blending, generally I like to use a Beauty Blender sponge with a setting spray or elixir to make the blending process more smooth/easier. But, if you do not own a blending sponge you can always use an angled contour brush, both work fine.

On the left: an angled contour brush from ICONIC London and on the right a beauty blender with NYX setting spray

As I started to blend I felt very caked in makeup and it actually took quite a while to blend it all in, especially as I had the intention to look reasonably natural. I don’t think it’s something I could be bothered with before a night out yet alone everyday.

Stage three: blend (this was mid process)

So the final look was interesting. I did feel like it made my boobs look bigger, however I wasn’t convinced it looked that natural and I still think its a lot of effort to put in just to make people think you have big breasts.

Result: the top two photos are pre-contour the bottom two are post contour. The left side is natural light and the right is artificial

Personally, I’ve never really had a huge problem with my boobs. However, I do understand what its like to feel self conscious about an aspect of my appearance, my advice would be to stick to a powder contour, again you can get a palette from ICONIC London or Anastasia Beverly Hills or just use an ordinary bronzer like Hoola from Benefit. I think realistically, it looks way more natural and it doesn’t take as long, you can use as much or as little product as you like. Generally the reason contoured boobs can look better is also because of the tan that the contour gives, therefore I would almost recommend (if this whole process doesn’t appeal to you) to just wear fake tan, it may boost your confidence a little.

Alternative: This was me just adding a little bronzer instead of doing the full on contouring process

P.S. I apologise for the cleavage shots, they’re a necessary evil in explaining boob contouring.