The internet roasted me for saying I hate Beyoncé


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The internet roasted me for saying I hate Beyoncé

The Beyhive are insane

So recently, I wrote a fairly innocent article on a controversial topic. Specifically, it was about hating Beyoncé and the response to it was mad.  I was surprised by how many people actually agreed with me, who equally think that she is incredibly overrated, but the amount of people that took it upon themselves to shun what I’d written and support the so-called ‘Queen B’ in every possible way was ridiculous.

I’m telling you essays were written, actual essays, in defence of Beyoncé and her music.  The worst were the women who told me (another woman) how to be (and I quote) a “proper feminist”.  Excuse me but what?  What defines a ‘proper feminist’?  Someone even commented with an eight bullet point argument about why they disagree.  It amazes me why people with (supposedly) all that free time and self-appointed superiority don’t try and write their own article about Beyoncé.

I’ll start with my favourite:

He didn’t stop.

It is I, clueless white girl in high school.


People even accused me of being a racist. Because I don’t like Beyonce. Just take that in.

What the bloody hell are you going on about?

Attention seeking since ’95.

Thanks for your input.

I got an A* in English actually.

There were supporters out there, but they were in the serious minority. This kid for instance, I like.

By the way, I still stand by my opinion. I still hate her.