How to turn a girl on (by girls)


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How to turn a girl on (by girls)

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I have a list. A well designed, thoughtfully implemented list of characteristics I tend to find attractive in a guy. Sure, most of it is filled with my shallow needs in a man, which half the time aren’t even successfully achieved. However, when the list is fulfilled that’s when I get turned on – so what exactly is it about that other person that turns a woman on? Here’s how to turn a girl on.

I’m all about that facial hair. Guys are immediately 100 percent more attractive when they’ve got some stubble helping them out, they look sexier and even more mature, am I right ladies? I’ve seen it all, the baby face, the five o’clock shadow, some stubble and a full grown beard and while each man is different, I prefer mine with the stubble. Hoping that I wasn’t the only one who had a list of some sort, I decided to ask around, trying to gather as many responses as I could get for the following question:

What turns you on? 


“Personally I really like a person’s laugh, also just their sense of humor is a big turn on…someone who can genuinely laugh around you and likewise make me genuinely laugh is amazing and it means you have a connection. Also physically, I’m a sucker for button down shirts with the sleeves rolled up.”


“A guy in a well made fitted suit. Every time.”


“Something that turns me on is someone who stands up for you in front of people who are very important to them like their family or friends. For instance, the person I’m with now always stands up for me. The best part of it is, he stands up for me even when I doubt myself. A small example is when all my friends really wanted me to go on a night out but I really didn’t want to go in case I had a panic attack so he said to them, ‘Look, if she doesn’t want to go, she doesn’t have to.’ Some even said, ‘You’re the boyfriend, can’t you get her to come out’ and he said ‘She’s her own person. She can make her own decisions.’ It just felt amazing for him to respect and stand up for me.”


”When a guy isn’t afraid to argue with you…If they are able to actually have an intellectual argument and challenges me then 10/10 would bang… Also (and this is very I feminist of me) when guys are gentlemen and hold open doors or pull out chairs.”


“I love a guy who’s confident in himself. It goes way further than just looks for me. Also a guy dressing well does wonders! Oh and I die for a cheeky earring!”


“Being a really confident and to the point girl, who can be quite intimidating to a lot of people, it’s quite funny that I find quiet, shy guys attractive. I love an underdog, a dark horse. I like the guys that keep themselves to themselves, and are quietly confident and know what they’re doing and where they’re going in life. A great sense of humor is needed for a sarky bitch like me, and he needs to have a decent haircut, and decent shoes. And if he likes cars and plays rugby, I’m sold. (Not picky at all)” 


“Someone who initiates a conversation about gender politics.”


“Loving both animals and music. If they’re a musician and I see them on stage performing, I’m dead. I’ve been going to many shows that are hardcore metalcore so lots of men screaming into mics. This one guy during a show was insane moshing but had the cutest smile and laugh. He also knew my friend. They talked up a storm and he was absolutely the sweetest. Next thing I know, he’s headlining the show so he ran up to the stage, grabbed the mic and went absolutely insane. He’s so passionate and he jumps into the crowd and starts moshing. He takes off his shirt and gets insanely sweaty and it’s beautiful. After that show I talked to him and he was happy I enjoyed his music. Got a sweaty, tight hug from him and now he follows me on instagram. I know I’m definitely seeing them again. Also a cute smile will destroy me.”


“I love guys who can eat a lot and love food, like I LOVE it.”


“Eye contact when talking and I can tell he’s actually engaging in what I’m saying. I like men who smile, have a nice ass, are dressed well and men who run without shirts on. Sexually anything is good but some dirty talk is just weird don’t say things like “spit on my dick,” but I love a firm grip and being able to lift me against a wall!”


“Deep conversations, blue eyes, tattoos (tasteful ones), skinny guys, neck kisses, holding hands.”


“I love when someone’s eyes are expressive and communicative. It’s a huge turn on when you’re talking to someone and you can tell they’re super focused on you because of their eye contact. It can make pretty much any situation seem intimate, even if you’re with a group of people. This could easily get really creepy, however, if you’re not showing any signs you’re into the person and they’re persisting.”