Fetishes: it’s time we talked about our guilty pleasures


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Fetishes: it’s time we talked about our guilty pleasures

‘I like fighting for dominance’

I still remember the first time I heard about fetishes. My 16-year-old self was just sitting in class, when a boy (hottest living being alive) walked in and sat right behind me. As I was attempting to seem cool in front of my crush, he began to speak to his friends about a certain topic. Fetishes.

I couldn’t resist from knowing what he had to say, especially since I had no idea what a fetish was – but that all changed once I caught on to the meaning behind the word.

It turned out that my future husband had the hots for girls with large noses – it’s called Nasophilia.

Sadly, my tiny nose wasn’t large enough for his standards, so our wedding invites were never sent out. *tears*

My experience with weird fetishes made me wonder – is there any other fetishes that people are willing to admit? I’m all for being ourselves, so admitting our guilty pleasures should be something to talk about. For example, I’m the first to admit that my fetishes are men with beards and strong arms.

I think I make it pretty clear that I love my bearded men.

I began my intensive investigation of fetishes girls might have; the one’s we secretly might enjoy and other ones that are just too good to be true.

 Georgia Gonzalez, University of Maryland, 21

“I love guys who eat a lot- like it’s one of the major things I look for in a guy. I also have a sexual fetish for something called DDLG (Daddy Dom Little Girl) which a lot of people find nasty but I like it. It’s like an older bigger man with a smaller girl where he does stuff like “punish her” etc.”

Maddie Liotta, Bucknell University, 20

“This is more of a sexual thing, but I love when guys have really calloused hands and good forearms. Like you can see their veins poking out, but they’re not like “The Rock” type of built. Lean dudes with good forearms. If that makes any frickin sense at all.”

Erica Spaeth, University of Pittsburgh, 21

“I have a thing for guys who have like a daily habitual thing they have to do. Like my ex, whenever he drank something refreshing or ate ice cream (really anything moist) he would like click his tongue against the roof of his mouth and makes this cute noise. I would wait for him to do it and it was cute.”

Ashley Mooney, Temple University, 20

“Okay, so I have this weird thing for when funny guys or sarcastic guys act serious for a minute. I don’t know why but it for sure turns me on, probably cause it’s a side they don’t ordinarily show.”

Arielle Gilman, Michigan State University, 20

“I have a thing for guys with beards most definitely. A full beard but still clean cut is so sexy. A guy that can take your attitude/sarcasm and bring it right back to you without getting mad, just in a playful way but still being assertive. Also, a guys voice when they first wake up, I like to call it “the sexy I just woke up voice” is definitely a huge turn on.”

Amanda Baez, William Paterson University, 19

“I just love dating someone who is a foot taller than me and this might be a weird fetish – but I need a doll to fall asleep. I’m a 20-year-old college student sleeping with a doll in order to sleep”.

Here’s her doll that she desperately needs (guys seemed to like her doll obsession, according to Amanda)

Steph Horwath, Temple University, 19

“I like fighting for dominance cause most of the time, he’s dominant but I’m a brat so I’ll be like NAH I’M TAKING CONTROL and then he’s like HELL NO and I’m like UH HELL YES?”

Angelica Notis, Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, 19

“Big, manly hands”

Caroline Szachnowski, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 20

“Red. Flannels.”

Mared Parry, Cardiff University, 19

“Watching a guy play a certain sport (usually rugby) and just being really into it is super hot.”

Jacqueline Suazo, Rutgers University, 19

“I have this thing for guys in really heavy bands. If they’re the frontman and they’re screaming, I die a little inside. The power in their voices and how they flail around on stage, it’s all so beautiful and incredibly hot. Nothing gets me more heated.”

Annabelle Schmitt, Penn State University, 18 

“Earrings. Guys with one ear pierced are so hot.”

Izzy Uknis, Temple University, 19

“I love a guy with long hair and who also knows how to dress well.”

Remi Monaghan, Michigan State University, 18

“Athletes. Every guy I have ever talked to or dated either played football or baseball.”

Andreina Ponce, William Paterson University, 19

“I love buff guys, like not too buff or too skinny, but are into the gym.”

Bianca Fernandez, Indiana University, 22

“Non-sexual: tattoos and colored eyes

“Sexual: choking, obviously not to the point you cant breath but I’m definitely a ‘rough’ type”.