The ultimate guide to preparing for your one night stand


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The ultimate guide to preparing for your one night stand

Do not forget the cab fare

In one night stands as in life, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. It’s tempting to go in all guns blazing, but the next thing you know you’re stuck in the wrong part of town with no cash for a taxi and one per cent battery in your phone. Do not be this person. Prepare in advance, and nail the ONS.

Keep it clean

You can have as many showers as you want afterwards, but that thorough pre shower is essential. It’s what is going to make the first impression, so get into all those nooks and crannies. If you’re imagining a slow motion passionate love scene, don’t let a shoddy shower job prevent you from achieving your dreams. Go the distance, and believe.


It’s a big wide world out there and who knows where he’s been, you’ve just met. Get savvy with precaution to prevent an awkward trip to the clinic for the morning after pill, or sitting in your GP getting a swab test. Whether you’re on the pill or not, take a condom. He may smell like old spice, but I’m pretty sure you don’t own a black light to be doubly sure he’s ‘clean.’ 

The right mindset

Make sure you aren’t looking for anything more than a bed bud. Protecting your emotions is also crucial. You can’t be having thoughts that this one night will turn into marriage and three kids. So forget that you guys looked adorable together in your bedroom mirror. In most cases, it won’t turn into a rom-com. You aren’t going to be pillow fighting all night or getting coffee the following morning.

Forget beggars can’t be choosers

You have standards, so don’t choose the first guy that gives you the wink by the Carling tap. Explore, look around, get a feel for different personalities. It might be worth dipping your hand in your wider social circle, but it depends on whether you can stand the thought of seeing them again at a friend’s mutual pre drinks. It’s all about comfort. Remember to be fierce and fearless.

Choose your outfit and shoes carefully

Obviously, this one is dependent on the type of club or bar you go to, but are you going to comfort over fashion? You’re going out with the intention of pulling, so looking your best is going to be a top priority. This one can be tricky, wearing the heels is going to offer a painful walk of shame, so dressing up a pair of flats will allow you to thank yourself the following day.

For those of you that wear contacts, pack spares. It’s exciting that you don’t know what will happen during the night, but over preparation is crucial. The idea of trying to put your contacts in is as sexy as waiting for the condom – annoying, but necessary. Packing extra clothes with the intention of changing into them, could ring alarms bells for the one you’ve pulled. This isn’t a girls’ night sleepover.

Choosing the boudoir

Yours or theirs? If you’re going out with the intention to pull, going back to theirs will allow a quick getaway, like a thief in the night. Obviously it depends what you’re comfortable with. If you don’t mind them coming back and seeing your half empty bottles of wine and washing, then that’s totally cool. Power to you. Let’s do this. 

But they could live in a squat house for all you know, and going back with a potential stranger will be giving power to someone you just met. Again, depends on what you are comfortable with.

But most importantly, have fun, stay safe and don’t be afraid to experiment. You have no connection with this person. Yet.