How men on Tinder reacted when I included ‘feminist’ in my bio


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How men on Tinder reacted when I included ‘feminist’ in my bio

Prepare for mansplaining

Sometimes we all need a bit of a pick me up, and having guys and girls swipe right can make you feel that little bit better about yourself. I’ve never actually used Tinder for anything but self-affirmation, so I thought I would do a bit of a social experiment. I kitted out my profile with more recent pictures and wrote an incredibly honest bio.

Being a feminist is one of the things I identify with most strongly, so why not put it on my bio?

Well, the reactions from men were quite amusing, if not slightly saddening. There was a lot of mansplaining, misunderstanding and just general ignorance.

So this guy was my main inspiration for starting this article. He enjoyed mansplaining the redundancy of feminism to me. He also used the word crazies to describe people who had differing views to him, which is just offensive on so many levels. I won’t bore you with the full argument but this is how it ended.

Unsurprisingly he never replied after that. Scared him off with my heavily one sided argument and my feminist mumbo-jumbo. So sad, such a huge loss.

Here’s one that I didn’t reply to. I thought the reply “Since I came out of a vagina with a vagina” may have been a little too obvious. Some people aren’t worth the effort of saving.

Some guys expect me to tell them about something that a quick Google search would’ve got you the answer to. Tinder is meant to be for chatting with new people (amongst other things) not for sociology lessons. I was never going to be interested in a guy that didn’t have the presence of mind to find out about these important world issues before trying to have a conversation about it.

According to this guy since I believe in the social and economic equality of the sexes I can’t want people to tell me I’m pretty. News to me.

I try not to reply the the ridiculous ones but this just riled me up. As someone who actually suffers from mental health issues, being told I look crazy can really get to me. Personally I prefer things along the lines of “Your eyes draw me in like a deep blue pool” opposed to “Your eyes make you look like an axe-murderer”.

I’ll end it on a positive note and use this to prove not all guys are dicks and there is some hope for those of us who want to shout about our feminism loud and proud on apps like Tinder.