Mums give us their best dating advice


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Mums give us their best dating advice

‘Never stay with a man who buys himself more presents than he buys you’

Everyone knows that mums give the best relationship advice, even if we often ignore them.

My mum is the first person I turn to when I need advice about boys (or anything, actually) and she’s given me some pretty wonderful nuggets of wisdom over the years.

When I asked her what her ultimate piece of dating advice was, she told me: “Never stay with a man who buys himself more presents than he buys you.”


Seems like pretty solid advice to me.

We asked the question to some more mothers (and a couple of Grandmas).  These were their best insights into the dangerous world of dating:

Florence Thomas, Bath

“Stay with him until you find somebody better.”


Mared Parry, Cardiff

“Never trust anyone except yourself.”

Cathy Cooper, Nottingham

“Try before you buy” and “Boys are like buses: you wait for ages and then three come along at once.”

Annabel Murphy, Manchester

“If he has tiny eyes, he can’t be trusted.”

Alyssa Lopez, Arizona

“Some people are projects, and you have to be prepared that you might be working on a project meant for someone else.”

Immy Ursell, London

“Never date a man who treats his mother badly, or wears bad shoes.”

Olivia Smith, Newcastle

“If he’s offered you a skiing holiday, you must go out with him. You love skiing.”

Alexa Ross, Philadelphia

“You’re a compassionate young woman who is capable of finding love, so don’t think you have to marry for money (at least not the first time).”

Lizzie Vise, London

“Stop looking and they’ll find you.”

Alex, Newcastle

“Never trust a man that winks too much.”

Ellie Rice,  Liverpool

“You’ve got to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.”

Hayley Gola, Connecticut 

“Don’t stick to a type, and be open to lots of different guys.”

Gail Vivar, Philadelphia

“You’re going to get your heart broken, and that’s okay because I’ll kick his ass. So fall in and out of love and make mistakes, because the right guy won’t get hurt by my foot.”