Instead of celebrating her 20 year career, the Daily Mail have rated Victoria Beckham’s boobs


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Instead of celebrating her 20 year career, the Daily Mail have rated Victoria Beckham’s boobs

‘Wannabe’ has been re-released as part of a feminist campaign for women’s rights – but they don’t care

Earlier this week, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Spice Girls’ first hit single Wannabe, The Global Goals released a video celebrating the feminist anthem while promoting equality and protection for women all over the world.

Victoria Beckham shared the video to thousands on her Facebook page. She was in the spotlight for the right reasons. Not being judged for her appearance, not being reminded of her early married life as one of England’s “trashy WAGs”, but celebrating the beginning of her two decade multimillion empire. That moment was tarnished however, by the Daily Mail’s double page spread today, which charts the “ups and downs” of her career – by her boobs.


Disregarding her career as a fashion designer, singer or mother, the ill-timed feature instead focuses on 20 years of “Posh’s” tits – from “pancake-flat to torpedo bazookas”. And it doesn’t hold back, branding her “flashy but desperate”, “not exactly subtle” and a “Marbella Barbie, busting out of her bustier” in a series of pictures.

It’s depressing to even have to make the point that Victoria Beckham is more than her appearance, and certainly more than her changing breast size. Although the Daily Mail say the fashion world “sneer” and “audibly snigger” at her, her net worth is currently set at £300 million and her eponymous label is worn by royalty and celebrities all around the world. She’s raised four children, maintained a 17 year marriage through accusations of infidelity, and transformed herself time and time again.

You don’t have to like her, but for her achievements she does deserve some respect – certainly more than the Daily Mail have afforded her.