I sent boys on Bumble the first lines they’ve sent me on Tinder


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I sent boys on Bumble the first lines they’ve sent me on Tinder

‘I have something non-vegan you might want :p’

We all wish we could find our Prince Charming in the most romantic of ways. With Tinder, more suitably known as hookup central, you swipe right if you think he’s real cute, and swipe left if all his pictures are of him with friends, or there’s no Instagram account attached.

Bumble is almost the same except ladies are required to send the first message. You have an entire day to do so, and if you don’t, your match expires and disappears back into the pool of men waiting for the judgement of your thumb.

With Tinder, all boys have varying intentions, but most of the time you will know what they are looking for by their first message.

In an attempt to turn the tables, I took some of the first messages I’ve received on Tinder, and threw it back to the boys on Bumble. These are the results:

I know some guys only have certain goals, but really? It wasn’t even phrased as a question! Nice try.

I felt like he was completely disgusted, which makes total sense! I wasn’t sure if the acronym was real, but then I searched it up, and this creative boy made it up.

I wonder if he passed all those fifth grade spelling tests…

Please, and thank you? At least he was kind! Sorry, but I didn’t add him.

I stared at this for a good couple of minutes in mass confusion. Monday? What is good for Monday? Then I realized he probably implied a date, or to hang out.

My reaction exactly! Maybe, he was trying to actually get me to ask him out though.

Those emojis completely changed the entire meaning of the message. This is not at all comforting or sweet. If these emojis could be translated to human actions, it would be the uncomfortable glare with a wink.

Same here, Ben. At least he didn’t reply in a creepy manner! It’s already weird to call a guy beautiful if you don’t really know him.

But, I’m vegan.

I was going to try to send this to a guy that was vegan but it’s really hard to find any guy with a description on Bumble! So, I decided Benno seemed to be the guy who I’d send this to. Guess he was fairly excited.

I had no idea what NSA meant, so I looked it up and again, felt gross.

I really wonder if that was a mistake. And of course, you would like that.

Though I’d love to say this proves a ton, it actually doesn’t. These were just a few of the many guys I came across on Tinder. Many of the guys I did swipe right on started out with a dorky pickup line or tried to get to know my interests.

Some of them will be weird, and creepy, but not all guys are just searching for women to fulfill their sexual ego. Girls, you go have fun and do you, and don’t let a guy take advantage of you. We’re worth more than being someone’s “NSA fuck,” and there are guys out there who know that.