Theresa May is Britain’s new Prime Minister. But does anyone really like her?


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Theresa May is Britain’s new Prime Minister. But does anyone really like her?

She got mixed reviews

With news breaking this morning that Andrea Leadsom is out of the race for the next PM election, the stage was set for Theresa May to take the helm of the nation. With David Cameron’s official resignation taking place on Wednesday afternoon, we asked the people of London how they felt about her.



“She’s been in government for years, she will make a good prime minister.”

So you’d be happy to have her leading the country?


Jordan, bank worker


“Man, I don’t know that much, I’m a Labour guy so I guess it’s not what I wanted. Perhaps the lesser of two evils.”

Adrian, 25, Book Shop Manager

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“I just feel that all politicians are the same nowadays, I’ve been trying to keep out of it as much as possible because now we’ve voted Leave, we’re screwed it.”

What do you think about having a female PM?

“I think it’s good, but I think it shouldn’t matter. It should just be normal and expected that it could be a male or a female PM. So I’m glad about it but annoyed that it’s such an achievement.”

Peter, 65, retired teacher

IMG_9680-min“She wouldn’t be my choice, but at the moment I don’t know who would be my choice. It’s just a total mess at the moment, a total mess. Better than Andrea Leadsom, who has just gone.”

May is regarded as the ‘safe’ choice – is this what the UK needs right now?

“I think it’s very difficult to predict just what she will be. She kept saying ‘Brexit equals Brexit’, but what does Brexit actually mean? She’s not defined it at all.”

What did you thinking of May sending vans through Britain telling immigrants to ‘go home’?

“Oh yes, absolutely disgraceful. Shocking business.”

Any last comments?

“I don’t trust her. She’s a Tory, don’t trust them. I’m a member of the Labour party…..but then they’re in a mess right now…so.”

Stefan, 42, Forensic Science IT Manager for the Swedish Government


“Well, we’re from Sweden so we don’t know too much about her. I know she’s doing well at becoming the new prime minister. I know that she’s a strong lady.”

Have you any opinions on Brexit, or have you been made to feel in any way unwelcome here?

“Absolutely not, but I’m very torn in the wake of Brexit. Before the election, I had sympathy with Brexit – I work with the government and there are some EU regulations I just can’t understand. So I thought that it could be fun for the big UK to poke at the fat pig. To provoke and see how they react. But then when the result came, I got a bit sad anyway – in theory it sounds fun but in reality it’s worrying.”

Emmanuel, 22, tailor


“Of all the people up there, I’d go for Theresa May. I think she seems promising, but the only thing I’m concerned about is immigration policy.”

Have you seen May’s ‘Go home’ vans?

“Yeah….May is gonna have to decide going forward how she feels about different people, and people from different places.”

Finally, Theresa has confessed herself a lover of fox-hunting, how do you feel about that?

“I’m a bit in between…I work in Spitalfield Market and some people in the market, and it’s weird, sell a lot of things, related to that pastime…but I can’t really comment as it’s not my forte.

In conclusion, I think it’s okay for us all to be scared a tiny bit.


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