I’m not ashamed of my Daddy Dom Little Girl fetish


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I’m not ashamed of my Daddy Dom Little Girl fetish

‘A lot of my friends think it’s really weird and dangerous, yet here I am STD free and alive’

Let’s talk about sex, or more specifically the BDSM community.

BDSM is sexual activity involving physical restraints, the granting and relinquishing of control and the infliction of pain.

It was no surprise that a bunch of young college women were proud of their unique fetishes; why shouldn’t we be able to speak out about our guilty pleasures in public?

Georgia (whose name has been changed, is 21 and very open about her fetish called DDLG (Daddy Dom Little Girl).

She said:  “It’s like an older bigger man with a smaller girl where he does stuff to ‘punish her.'”

Here’s a look into one college woman’s experience in this BDSM community.

How would you explain the BDSM Community in your own words?

The BDSM community is somewhere where people can explore the deepest areas of their mind and act on them in a sexual way which releases tension because in real life these thoughts and actions would be considered taboos.

How has your sex life approved since your experience with the BDSM community and your Daddy Dom fetish?

My sex life has improved because I truly feel pleasured and instead of just being someone the guy had fun with, I feel like I’m actually voluntarily enjoying it. Before, I thought to enjoy sex it had to be romantic and passionate, and I never was fully turned on, but BDSM and Daddy Dom showed me that real “sex” is a completely different feeling and there is so much more to explore.

The adrenaline rush of the pain brings pleasure and makes me feel like I released a lot of frustration. Also, when a man is rough with me, I feel wanted and I feel like he is so focused on me and only me. Honestly, that helps with my insecurities.

How did you find out about DDLG?

I found out about it from watching “weird and creepy” porn videos with my friends about bondage and daddy dom type of stuff as a joke. While everyone was laughing at how ridiculous it was or saying it was abusive, I was getting wet.

What are the misconceptions of the Daddy Dom that you wish people would finally understand?

I wish people saw that it’s not about a man sexually objectifying a woman and taking her power away. I feel powerful because I am able to engage in sex I enjoy and that’s all that matters. Women should be able to release any frustration they have in whatever sexual way they want no matter how kinky. Plus, in BDSM, women can be in charge too (Dominatrix). Man should not be the only one enjoying the sexual relationship.

What are the craziest stories or experiences you’ve heard or experienced yourself in this community?

One time it went too far when a Tinder date asked me to cut him open with a knife and drink his blood, I won’t do anything like that.

What do you like about the BDSM community?

I like that on the outside, you can’t tell who’s part of the BDSM community. It’s such a surprise to learn that someone is into the fetish, and once you find out it builds a sort of bond between people. Also, it shows how versatile and multidimensional people can be. I also have a very dominative personality in real life, so I feel like in BDSM I find balance because I like being submissive.

Have you received any negative reactions to your sexual preference?

A lot of my friends think it’s really weird and dangerous, yet here I am STD free and alive. My fetish has nothing to do with what type of human I am in this world. I’m still a 4.0 college student with an amazing job and lots of friends, fetishes don’t define people. They’re inner urges we let out that are just there.

Any piece of advice to girls who are curious?

Sex has no boundaries. When you’re with the right partner, you can explore anything you want and find whatever turns you on! It’s almost surprising what you’ll find out. I believe everyone has their fetishes, and if they don’t, they just haven’t found it yet. So what if people make fun of you for being into having your limbs tied up?

Maybe they’re into dressing up like babies. It’s a thing, everything’s a thing and so many sexual preferences exist it’s nothing to be ashamed of.