We tested Kylie Jenner’s lip kit against basic brands to see which lasted longer


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We tested Kylie Jenner’s lip kit against basic brands to see which lasted longer

Sorry Kylie but you’re so expensive

I love liquid lipstick, I would say I wear it most days and I certainly wear it every time I go out because of its durability. However, is it worth splashing the cash on more expensive brands or should you just stick to a basic lipstick? Kylie’s lip kit has been a mammoth success since it launched in 2015, so much so that it’s near impossible to get your hands on. If you’re not lucky enough to nab a kit as soon as it goes on sale, they can be re-sold for ridiculous prices online. I wanted to see if I could avoid the hassle by recreating the look with cheaper alternatives. Results were mixed, to be honest.


With liquid lipstick it is always very important to prep your lips. Liquid lipsticks have a very powerful ability to dry your lips out, therefore, if they’re chapped you’re going to notice. Personally, I find that the best way to avoid that is to exfoliate them. I do this by mixing water and baking soda into a gritty paste and using a soft toothbrush to make them smooth as hell, this way, you can slay all day with no worries.

My baking soda and water concoction

Another thing I always recommend doing is lining your lips, if you want that Kylie Jenner look without any injections that is the best way to go about it. Your lips have two lines, the first one is the natural one, the one you can see where your lip actually ends and the second one is an invisible one just outside that natural one, I always line this one to make sure my lips look nice and plump.

Another way to assist with pouty lips is to always conceal the outside of of your liner (it’s also very helpful for wonky-linered humans like me to correct any mistakes) and putting a little highlighter around the top edges to make your lips stand out. So, for my experiment I used four different famous liquid lipstick brands, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kylie Cosmetics, Colourpop Cosmetics and NYX.

Top: (left) Dusty Rose by Anastasia Beverly Hills, (right) Beeper by Colourpop Bottom: (left) Heir by Kylie Cosmetics, (right) Push up by NYX Lingerie Lipstick


For this I tried to imagine what I would eat on a day to day basis. For example, watermelon, crisps and peanut butter on toast. Now I was very pleasantly surprised with all of them when I did this. Colourpop did not budge at all, ABH was very consistent too, as was NYX. However, I was a little disappointed with Kylie’s, when it came to the more greasier foods it didn’t withstand it very well and actually turned into quite an odd texture. However I would potentially put this down to it being part of the metallic range and not matte.

Kylie vs crisps


Okay so I did the majority of this experiment at 11am – and therefore alcohol was probably not socially acceptable. Instead the drinks I used included a cup of tea, water and – OK, I gave in – wine. I was very impressed with all of the lipsticks, again Colourpop did not budge, ABH was again, very consistent, Kylie’s was an odd texture but wasn’t completely off my lips. However, this time I found that NYX had more or less completely vanished off my lips after I had a mouthful of wine (I spat it out I promise).

Nyx was no match for my wine

In conclusion

If I had to rate these products based on purely their stay-put ability, I would have to rate it as follows:

  • Colourpop Cosmetics
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills
  • NYX
  • Kylie Jenner Lip kit
  • I suggest that if you were going on a night out Colourpop is the overall queen, the brand is cheap and I know that some of you beauty geeks are thinking that it doesn’t deliver to the UK, but luckily I managed to find a website that allows you to buy Colourpop lippies for £10 on a UK based website called Glammua – so no customs charges.

    For a daytime look I love NYX lingerie collection, it’s very affordable and the colours are great. This liquid lipstick is also one that has more of a satin like feel to it so despite it coming off easier it is still a great product. Despite my initial thoughts, I was forced to rate Kylie last. She just didn’t stand up to the cheaper brands.