I was scared about posting nudes online, but people’s reactions made it worth it


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I was scared about posting nudes online, but people’s reactions made it worth it

You shouldn’t be made ashamed of your body

Last week, I wrote an article in which I published my nudes online. I did it to claim back ownership of my body, after a man threatened to reveal my identity after finding them online. He had removed my control of the situation but I decided to take that back, and this inspired other people.

It was about empowering women to love their own body by showing them how I learnt to love mine; and it is their response, their confidence, and their attitude which reminds us that our body is our own, no matter what a man says.

Their messages meant the article wasn’t received as something for vulgar men to stare at, it reminded women that our body’s are our own, that we shouldn’t be afraid to take confidence in owning what is ours. That our bodies aren’t there for men’s objectification and we can do what we damn well please with them without someone taking advantage of that.

We take photos of ourselves to feel confident about ourselves. We wear what we want to because we want to. No more should our culture revolve around a man taking what he wants from what is yours.

But nothing says this better than the online response:

People were inspired 

Women could relate

People praised the message


Men understood the message


One sought for more social justice

I wouldn’t be reporting objectively if I didn’t show the negative side to the reaction. But what you have to remember is that it’s fine for someone to ‘shame’ you. It is their opinion. What is important is that you don’t feel ashamed because of it. Never let someone criticise what you love, do not let their words get to you because you are better than that and you know it.

Some men shamed my body

Some men hit on me

Some people thought I did it for money

I’d just like to say that I don’t get paid for my work. I just had a message that I wanted to say.