A dermatologist tells us why you shouldn’t sleep in makeup


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A dermatologist tells us why you shouldn’t sleep in makeup

Face wipes aren’t good enough either

Taking off your makeup after a long day is a tedious process. But what you face in the morning is a dirty pillowcase, heavy eyes and your skin feels awful. But does it actually make a difference, or is it all in our heads?

Everyone’s guilty of leaving their makeup on overnight occasionally, so we asked expert dermatologist Dr. Deepali Bharwaj how much damage it does to our skin.

Is sleeping in makeup actually damaging for your skin, or is it just a myth?

No, it’s very bad for you.

How does it affect your skin?

The largest organ of the body and needs to breathe, which your pores can’t do when you’ve got makeup on. Makeup is like an occlusion film on the skin, so even in one night it can lead to deep dehydration. This amount of blockage can then lead to skin eruption such as acne, spots, black heads and white heads.

Even if it’s just one night, will sleeping with makeup on make a lasting difference?

Yes it would. It’s the same as not drinking water for a day and your stomach satiety would be affected.

Will leaving makeup on overnight make your skin oily or spotty?

It can make you break out. If you don’t remove the makeup, dirt and dead skin cells just stay on the skin. They’ll clog pores and lead to chronic inflammation (oil and spots).

Is sleeping with makeup on worse than wearing it while at the gym?

Much worse. It’s better at the gym because air conditioning, sweating and high BMR will ensure that your skin stays clean and keeps your blood gushing through the deep layers of skin.

Are makeup wipes good enough for removing all of your makeup?

Only as the first stage. Then use face wash according to your skin type, over the wipes.

What kind of makeup is the most damaging to your skin if left on overnight?

Concealer and foundation are the worst, then bronzer and mascara. The foundation remnants will dry out your skin and block pores, and the mascara will make your eyelashes brittle.