I asked guys about popular fashion trends and their comments were hilarious


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I asked guys about popular fashion trends and their comments were hilarious

It’s cute when guys try to speak fashion

I believe that many females can agree that we dress for ourselves and in the name of fashion, rather than to please men. Nevertheless, I thought it would be fun to see what a guy’s take was on four popular trends: chokers, Calvins, overalls, and sideboob. The results were either surprisingly insightful, concerning, or downright hilarious.



“All the girls I know who wear them have daddy issues.”

“Chokers are in.”

“They’re the black belt of sucking d***”

“Mysterious. Intriguing.”

“You can pull it off the best.” (aww, thanks)

“Don’t mind them depending on the girl.”

“They’re cute.”

“They look like train tracks for your neck.”

“I think chokers look sexy.”

Calvins purposefully showing under clothes

“Haven’t really seen it in person but I don’t mind it.”

“Definitely not against it.”

“I’m a darker Calvin kind of guy but yeah I like it.”

“So sexy.”

“Sexy. But getting overdone.”

“It just seems strange to show it purposefully.”

“CK making bank. Profit increased dramatically after this, genius.”

“Always the move.”

“It’s bomb. Everyone should do it.”

“Very attractive.”

“Don’t hate it.”


“Not feelin’ the overalls I just don’t see the point if you’re not doing a farm theme.”

“Overalls no… High waisted short shorts yes.”

“Sexy farm girl.”

“I do like. You can def pull it off. I like the shorts better than full pants.”

“Uh I usually see those at concerts or festivals I think with high belly shorts, and I don’t like high belly shorts” (Do you mean high waisted shorts? It’s so cute when guys try to speak fashion.)

“Rednecks/bogan/tailgate/slutty farmers.”

“I very much approve. Puts off the ‘Im rich, it’s summer, and I’m hot’ vibe.”

“I love denim so of course I love it.”

“Definitely like the trend, but only some people can rock it though.”

“It’s kinda cute but definitely not sexy to me.”

Sideboob showing

“Depends on who does it but I think it can def be sexy.”

“Yeah that’s hot… is it even a shirt?”

“I think it depends who it is.”

“It’s a better indicator of nice boobs than front cleavage so I’m not opposed. You can fake large boobs but you can’t fake sideboob.”

“As Peter Griffin once said: that’s a nice sideboob. Sideboob is awesome. Push-up bras don’t help the sideboob so you know it’s some real boobage.”

“Nothing wrong with sideboob looks good.”

“No different from showing front cleavage. Still sexy.”

“I’m not a big fan of the sideboob.”

“Never a bad thing.”

“I like when girls wear something like that. I think the front cleavage can be trashy while the side boob is much more elegant.”


Well, ladies, it’s clear that some guys just don’t understand us and our love of fashion. That being said, if you were to dress to please a man, I’d suggest not bringing out the overalls or choker until the fourth or fifth date when he’s already enamored with your personality. I’d also say that Calvins are the move, and that sideboob, done tastefully, is more aesthetically pleasing to guys than front cleavage.

Good thing we don’t give a shit.