I did half my face with high-end products and half with cheap make-up


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I did half my face with high-end products and half with cheap make-up

I’d probably buy a Too Faced palette over paying my rent to be honest

When I first got into make-up, I didn’t really buy any expensive stuff. Partly because I didn’t have the money, but also because I was 16 and didn’t really understand the benefit of high end make-up. Why should I spend £30 on something I’m going to take off six hours later? However, as I’ve got older I’ve become a bit of a make-up snob. Since the growth of YouTube tutorials and Instagram bloggers, I’ve started to only really buy high end stuff. Currently my favourite foundation is Chanel Lumiere and I’ve only been using my Too Faced smoky eyeshadow palette.

So I decided to try, out a high street vs. high end challenge. It works like this: on one side of my face I will only use expensive stuff (I chose the right side for this). On the other side, I will only use stuff that I can buy from Boots or Superdrug. This presented a challenge, I often class brands like Benefit and Smashbox, as high end, because let’s be honest here they are bloody expensive. So I decided to class them as high end and be done with it.

Look one: All day and night makeup

My makeup after various activities including drinking red wine and crying copious amounts after watching Me Before You

This look needed to last me through a day of running around with my boyfriend, and then dinner and a movie with my friends. Foundation wise I went for long lasting: Estee Lauder double wear foundation (RRP £30 on feelunique.com) and Bourjouis healthy mix foundation (RRP £9.99 on feelunique.com). Both these foundations were really easy to put on with a beauty blender, although the colours were a little different.

Eyeshadow wise, I use my Too Faced smoky eyeshadow palette, which I love (RRP £29 from TooFaced.com). On the other side I went for Nyx cosmetics palette in Golden Horizons (RRP £13 on Boots.com). I hate to say it, but the Too Faced one is worth it. At the end of the day, that eye shadow still looks great at dinner (I put this on at 9:30ish). Mascara wise I was using Lancome Doll eyes (RRP £23.50) and L’oreal volume million lashes (£10.99 at Boots.com).

Both of these looked great when they were first on, but the volume million lashes did give me a touch more volume. The Lancome mascara, lasted longer however, but it was much tougher to take off. Contour wise I did Makeup revolution palette in Golden blush (RRP £6.00 on Boots.com) and the Kat Von D contour palette (RRP $46.00 on Sephora.com). The Kat Von D palette is my baby. It is beautiful. I love it.

Overall, I don’t think double wear is worth the money. It goes on really weird, and while it does last long, it did feel a bit caky on my skin. The eyeshadow on the other hand, was seriously worth the money. If I could spend all my money on Too Faced makeup I would, but sadly I am not Kylie Jenner, and have to pay rent.

Look two: Casual daytime look as I do nothing but watch a film

My second look was my normal look. I usually wear makeup everyd ay, not because I feel insecure before anyone whines that I don’t need it, but because I really enjoy the ritual of applying it and feel better when I’m wearing it.

I make weird faces when I’m trying to look cute.

This look consisted of a basic eye and a little contour. Foundation wise I used Chanel Lumiere on the right side (RRP £30 at Chanel) and Dream Satin Liquid from Maybelline (RRP £7.99 at boots.com). Maybelline had a lot more coverage, but the Chanel foundation lasted a lot longer. Under my eyes I used Touche Eclat from YSL (RRP £25.00 from John Lewis) and Nyx under eye concealer (RRP £6.50 from Boots.com). Ey shadow wise, I decided to put Naked 1 to the test, which has been a solid fave of mine since its launch (RRP £38.50 on feelunique.com). On the left side I used a Sleek palette (RRP £8.99 from Superdrug.com). Mascara again, was the volume million lashes vs. Benefit they’re real (RRP £20 from boots). The Benefit mascara was seriously a lot better, it is clearly worth the money.

Again, with this look, there were different outcomes. The Maybelline foundation provided a lot more coverage but it did not last as long as the Chanel foundation. Touche Eclat was a lot brighter and less heavy but the Nyx concealer did its job. Naked’s colours are seriously nicer, but the Sleek Palette is just as pretty.


My verdict for this challenge is pretty boring: both are good. If you want to buy the high end stuff then is probably worth the money, but don’t knock Superdrug and Boots. The only thing I’d say is invest in primer and setting spray. Those two wonder products will literally make any look, look like you’ve had it done professionally, but it will just be you watching youtube tutorials for a good four hours to make yourself look like that.