I asked my old holiday romances if they remembered me fondly


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I asked my old holiday romances if they remembered me fondly

‘You left the EU, that made it impossible’

We’ve all had a holiday romance, whether it was a quick snog at après ski or a full on summer fling. At the time it seems so intense that you feel like you’ll never forget each other, always cherish the special times you spent together. You add each other on Facebook, but soon you have to take a second glance when they show up on your timeline, they become just another like on a pic. Sad, really. So, I thought it would be fun to get in touch with some of my escapades abroad, to see what they fondly remember of our time together. It was not.

Jon, Switzerland

This is a story I will tell the grandkids. I got with him at a New Year’s Eve party when I was 16 and my brother saw and beat him up. I subsequently went to the same place the following New Year’s Eve, got with him again and didn’t realise it was the same guy until a few days after. I should start writing these things down.

“Yes, I remember you, but it was long time ago. I don’t even remember if at that time I would have liked something serious or not.”

Rafaël, Switzerland

“I remember you for sure, yes. To me there was no relationship, only two drunk people kissing each other. If it could have lasted? Maybe during the time we were there, maybe only that night, I don’t know.”

Georges, Holland

I met this dutchman at a swiss ski resort and we really hit it off, so much so that he even came to visit me in the UK after the holiday had ended. It didn’t work out and we lost contact, here were the issues:

“It was worth a shot, people write books about this stuff, sing songs, but most of them don’t end well. Anyhow, you left the EU, that made it impossible.

“I liked spending time with you and drinking with you, but it wasn’t all perfect. I got the feeling that you are a bit slutty and not very charming.”

Cool, thanks.

Anton, South Africa

This conversation turned into a huge catch up about when I’m moving back to South Africa, which was awkward really, as Anton is now married.

“Honestly I don’t think it would’ve lasted because of the distance. You weren’t planning on going back to Africa and I wasn’t planning to go to Europe soon. We only knew each other for a few weeks.

“In my opinion you have to see someone to be close and to know the person better. But, if we meet up again in the future and the circumstances were right who knows.”

Let’s hope his wife doesn’t read that last bit.

Matthieu, Switzerland

He doesn’t speak English so this is a tricky one. But this is what he told me about our time together:

“Pour moi, je dirais que toute relations peut durer et marcher. Maintenant, nous deux, on a pas chercher plus à ce voir quand tu es repartis dans ton pays. Enfin oui, je voulais venir un week-end chez toi. Mais à par ça, on a pas chercher à plus ce parler.

“Pour moi, si on avait appris à plus se connaitre, et s’être vu plusieurs fois, que je serais venue te voir et toi me voir, ça aurait été possible qu’on sorte ensemble avec le temps.

“Donc en résumer, cela aurait pu devenir une relation qui aurait durer si on se serait plus interesser l’un à l’autre. Redis moi si tu as tout compris ou si tu veux que je t’explique diffèremment Comme pour n’importe quelle relation.”

This basically says that he would have wanted to carry something on and come to visit in England if we were more interested in each other. And some other stuff that I don’t understand.

Tom, Australia

I was 16 at a party when on a sports tour. There was a hammock, it broke, let’s not go into details.

“Oh hey! I always think about it actually. I thought your personality was really fun! I could have seen it going further than the first night, of course.”

Pierre, Switzerland

“I don’t think holiday romances can last personally, but a lot depends. Honestly, I don’t think it would have worked out, as I wasn’t looking for anything serious, so just a quick make out with someone is what I prefer.”

What I have learnt from this exercise is that holiday romances are meant for holidays and shouldn’t be contacted again. Also that Switzerland is really fun.