Class of 2016: The best graduation outfits


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Class of 2016: The best graduation outfits

Can you ever really see the dress though

Finding something to wear for graduation is actually really hard. If you’re dress is too short you’ll look naked, too patterned it’ll clash and too long you’ll just be a wizard. But somehow, these guys managed to get it so right.

Isabel, Royal Holloway

Laura, Spanish and Communication Studies and Katie, French and Italian, Liverpool

Evangeline, Manchester

Kiran, Psychology, Southhampton

Beth, Linguistics, Manchester

Tegan, Royal Holloway

James Conville, Medicine, Sheffield


Lucy, English Language, Cardiff

Laura, Linguistics, Manchester

Cydney, English, Liverpool

George, Thomas and Imy, Geography, Queen Mary

Alice, History, Nottingham

Shannen and Amma, English Language, Cardiff

Darcy, Journalism, Trent