I asked my grandmother for dating advice


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I asked my grandmother for dating advice

Because nan knows best, obviously

My Grandmother is kind, honest and one of the most ruthless women I know. She knows what to do in every situation, and has always been a source of great wisdom and advice – whether we wanted it or not. I trust her to tell me the honest answer to any question, so is definitely one of the best people to ask for advice when it comes to boys and the world of dating – even if she has never exactly told me her age.

I asked her how to handle my love life, and she had some thoughts.

How do you deal with a bad break up?

“Well I was cheated on once by your grandfather” my grandmother told me. It wasn’t exactly the way you’d expect the conversation to start, and it left my sisters and I in shock. But she got over it, got on with it, and decided to stay together.

She says: “Go out with your friends and go cry on their shoulder. And then go out and have as many dates as you can.”

What’s the best way to be charmed?

“I was sent a love letter, once, which is the best way to woo a girl in my opinion. To have a car was always impressive, and they need to impress you and always take you home after a night out.”

How do you get over your first crush/love?

“I met this boy at a party and he got engaged to someone else, so that was very sad. But I’m a big believer in fate. In situations like that you have to move on – he’s interested in the other girl and not you.”

What do you do when your ex boyfriend asks for you back?

“Well I knew he would but you should always make the boy sweat. He told me he missed me, and he asked me for a dance but I told him I didn’t want to. You have to know that you trust him. Make sure he knows what he’s done wrong.”

What should you do when you don’t actually like a person anymore?

“Well I once realised a man wasn’t my sort when I saw his whole left ear was cut off. But you should always be honest and tell them face to face. And never tell them where you actually live – unless you’re sure, of course.”

How do you know when you’ve found ‘The One’?

“I did have a lot of dates but then your grandfather came along and that was it, you just kind of know.”

Top tips to succeed in dating?

“People need to go on more dates, drink less and dance more.”

I mean personally I don’t think the drinking less would work but I wouldn’t argue that with my grandmother.