Boys on Twitter are confused and upset about UCAS sending girls free tampons


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Boys on Twitter are confused and upset about UCAS sending girls free tampons

Now they’re getting free razors

After UCAS started sending tampons to all female applicants (and the odd male it would seem), there were cries of confusion all over twitter. The boys began complaining that this was sexist, and, hurting themselves in the confusion, asked for condoms. In the past few days UCAS has revealed they’ll be sending out razors as presents to the boys too. It’s amazing what drama can ensue when you leave 18-year-olds with the internet while they wait for their A-level results. 

Hopefully periods Jono.

They’re worth about that with the tampon tax.

Literally periods that is so weird what is even happening ew stop talking about it.

There were peaks and troughs.

When will I get answers? I just want equality.

To be fair girls can use both these products.

Pretty sure it’s nearly my time of the month.

Some could only process it through the crying laughing emoji face.


I use them for nosebleeds.

Are you OK? Do you need a tampon?

Excellent logic.

I’m not confused, I know all their secrets.

Shout out to the mandem fighting for rights.

Do UCAS look like they care?

Basically, regardless of gender, we’ll take any free shit.

Wonder what we’re gonna get for our fees at uni?

What do they want from me?

LOL classic. What will those crazy Brits do next?

A thank you would have sufficed.

#fightoppression #reversesexism

All this is clearly leading to free tuition


We’re hoping and praying that these boys get the answers they’re yearning for.