The struggles of being a perpetually hairy girl


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The struggles of being a perpetually hairy girl

You probably tried shaving your arms before

Whether it’s your parent’s fault, hormones or sheer bad luck of being covered in unwanted body hair, the struggle for many dark haired girls is certainly real. Yep, welcome to a world of constant hair removal in places you never thought it grew.

When your fair haired friends complains about forgetting to shave

That old classic where your blonde friend complains about her ‘visible’ leg stubble. Seriously? You really want to go there? It would take a bloody CSI team to find your hair a week after shaving.

You leave a hair trail wherever you go

So just like our blonde friends, we have hair pretty much all over our body. The unfortunate difference, is that ours is completely visible which means even those little bastard toe hairs make an appearance.

You’re physically warmer

Apparently. If it works with animals then I’m totally on board with using that as a reason to keep them leg hairs in winter.

You’ve probably tried shaving your arms before

Your mum told you not to, but you did it anyway. In hindsight, maybe it was a mistake because you’ve reached a point of no return.

You relish those smooth few hours after shaving, because it never lasts

You know that feeling of sliding into bed with those freshly shaved legs? Yeah well, enjoy the moment whilst it lasts because before you know it BAM, the prickly buggers are back. And don’t even suggest shaving more often because I’ll take the stubble over chaffing and soreness any day.

My legs would never look like this though

Eyebrow threaders always suggest you get your moustache waxed while you’re at it

Flattering, but I’m fine thanks.

Because facial hair isn’t just for men

Sideburns? Check. Moustache? Check. Wait, I’m not some kind of Richard in Friends lookalike (I do thankfully pass as a girl). But my naturally dark hair does show on my face, much to my annoyance.

Yes, I have shaved my armpits this morning

I am very much aware there is what appears to be a stubbly patch where the hair normally grows. Thank you for unsubtly looking at it. Unless I wax, that shit just stays put. ACCEPT IT.

Your body hair will rival any boy you date

Your leg hair is longer, I’ll give you that. But I’m so not OK with my arms completely ‘out-hairing’ you. Not because it damages your masculinity, it’s more the fact that people question my levels of oestrogen.

You never have to worry about having limp hair

Envy my full head of long, thick locks and weep, people.

Hair removal products are constantly telling us how undesirable we are

What it really all comes back to is social pressure. Some idiot years ago made it a social norm for women to be smooth, hairless humans. Since then billions have been made from products that encourage us to remain unnaturally hair free. Pop together those expectations to be completely clean shaven in the common areas, with even more visible hair showing on your arms, lower back and feet, it suddenly doesn’t seem quite so fair does it?

You can tell which boys are worth dating 

If they can’t handle your hair, they probably aren’t worth it. The bottom line is, we didn’t chose to have this hair. Nor did we have any kind of say in the amount of body hair that is seen as socially acceptable or the fact that majority of you find it unattractive. Yes we can shave and bleach and wax but at the same time, we don’t want to destroy our skin. And sometimes, just sometimes we can’t be arsed with it all. Because for us dark haired lot, it’s a lot more than shaving those areas you’d expect.