This is what transgender people really think of Caitlyn Jenner


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This is what transgender people really think of Caitlyn Jenner

No one can relate to Cait

While Caitlyn Jenner’s coming out was seen as a groundbreaking moment for the transgender community, her experience is far from the norm of most transgender people, who could only imagine receiving the same support from their families and society. Since coming out a year ago, Caitlyn has not always been a positive force with her conservative stance, which has sparked criticism from supporters. However, what she has done is highlighted the long way to go for transgender equality.

As a celebrity, people have turned to her as an example for the community, and “it’s unfortunate that she’s so in the public eye because she’s so horrifyingly disengaged from the trans experience,” said student Chris Gambino, who identifies as femme of center gender-queer. Many despise her undertaking as the new spokeswoman since, “she is the complete opposite of the majority of the LGBTQ+ community,” said transgender student Nick Warner, amongst other reasons.

She is a Trump supporter and against gay marriage

A huge problem with Caitlyn is that she’s a supporter of Trump and the Republican Party, which seems entirely paradoxical since many republicans tend to deny rights and support to the LGBTQ+ community.

“I don’t think Caitlyn should drop her beliefs of being a conservative republican just because she came out as trans, but that just doesn’t seem very trans-friendly at all,” said Warner.

Her association with the Republican Party has left many transgender people uncomfortable, and “I just can’t begin to explain how messed up that is, especially with the current state of the party,” said transgender student Zero Tenner.

As Ellen DeGeneres said in an interview with Caitlyn, “You’re wanting people to understand and accept you—this is really confusing to people, and you still have a judgment about gay people and marriage.”

She does not do activism work

With a spotlight and even her own reality show, I Am Cait on E!, you would imagine she’d use her power to do activism work or discuss the issues transgender people, other than herself, face. This is unfortunately not the case.

“I mean if you’re going to have this huge coming out story, make it about more than just yourself in the end. Use what you’re going through, which she is so privileged to have help with, to help those who don’t have the same luxuries,” said transgender student and musician Ari Zizzo. “Laverne Cox is a perfect example of someone in the spotlight who has done so much for the transgender community.”

Her wealth

Between hormones and therapy, going through a transition is quite costly, and, “the fact that Caitlyn can just decide to transition without being even remotely worried about financing is so wild to me,” said Tenner. “One of my closest friends was kicked out of his house and completely cut off for being trans. He has to work three jobs just so he can continue to take hormones and pay for his apartment and just general expenses of living.”

She had an unrealistic transition

Caitlyn is now the biggest celebrity within the transgender community, which many believe is incredibly harmful due to the tabloid event her transition was.

“Plenty of cisgendered folks think if they know one trans person, they know what all trans people go through. That’s not even remotely true, and it’s even worse that she’s the representative of this weird homogenized trans experience,” said Tenner. “This gives people a very untrue idea of what it’s like to transition since out of nowhere Caitlyn has a ‘big reveal,’ when in reality transitioning is an incredibly long process and not every trans person transitions the same way.”

While there are plenty of negative things to say about Caitlyn, “I am however, a huge fan of the fact that her coming out and being so famous has already brought trans people more attention, and in return has helped trans people gain more visibility,” said Zizzo.

Yet, all could still agree that Caitlyn’s experience, “in no way reflects my own,” said Tenner.