I tried out the 2016/17 make-up trends we’ll supposedly all be wearing in a year


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I tried out the 2016/17 make-up trends we’ll supposedly all be wearing in a year

Sorry, what is ‘negative space eyeliner’

I’m a trend whore, I love it. I watch livestreams of every show during fashion week, I live for clips of waif like models swanning around in beautiful garms, I obsessively check the Outnet in the hope that a YSL bomber will appear and all my dreams will come true. But alas, I can’t afford it – make-up on the other hand, I can do.

Models can get away with a lot, Kate Moss can drink like a fish and smoke like chimney but I still worship her. They also get away with wearing bizarre forms of makeup, like this lot of “trends” from this year’s shows. Apparently we’ll all be wearing this in 2016/17. I’m not so convinced.

Just red lips

Roll out of bed and shove your lippy on, thats what Gigi does

This look – of a completely bare face paired with a red lip – is a favourite of the beautiful Gigi Hadid’s, however I do not have skin like Gigi which means it loses its effect. This look was also used at the Victoria Beckham show where the models only had on concealer and bright red lips. I give this look a 10/10 for ease, I think the idea is that the bright lips distract from the rest of your face. It was my favourite of all this season’s trends.

Glossy eyelids

Just a bit sticky

Apparently this is what Marilyn Monroe did and it featured in the Alexander Wang show, however this is still pretty god damn awful. If you do actually want to achieve this look then all you have to do is put vaseline on your eyelids. It’s basically a really simple and effective way to ruin your makeup.

Metallic eyes

Looking like death here too Gold eyes to match your tears

This is another look that I enjoyed because I love gold and glitter. No seriously, all of my face would glitter everyday if I could get away with it. However it is now super trendy thanks to Pat McGrath and her Gold 001, so thank you Pat, I love you.

Blue eyeshadow

I thought we left this in the early 2000’s The blue really matches my top xoxox

If you thought you left blue lids on your 13-year-old noughties self, you were wrong, because it was all over the catwalk this season. This look was fairly easy to do all you need is blue eyeliner and blue eyeshadow. I have used the blue eyeliner alone by itself and that is a really nice alternative to using black but in my case the blue eyeshadow took it a step too far. I look like Groovy Chick. Maybe this look is only for blondes.

Glitter tears

I look like a drug addict Bcos crying glitter is better than crying tears

YASSSSS MORE GLITTER. This is the perfect way to hide the bags under your eyes – you can literally just cover them with glitter. Glitter tears appeared in the haute-couture world in many colours, and was even rocked by Suki Waterhouse, but really I just have a lot of gold glitter. It would be perfect for a festival.


Look at that highlight omg Just wear highlighter and have a sparkly face

And the glitter just keeps on coming. This is another perfect trend for me as I always go over the top with highlighter. For this you literally just out on a light tinted moisturizer and them cover your face with highlighter. Kendall Jenner is a fan of this trend as she lover her highlighter and sometimes contouring can be too much for a day to day basis. Next goal: definitely going to wear all three glitter trends at once.

Negative space eyeliner

Going to rock this look everyday

The final look is arguably the most ridiculous. It is suppose to emulate the cat eye with a sleek line that mirrors the cat eye. It sounds fantastic in theory and looked great on the catwalk but I can’t really picture myself wearing this on a night out. I think I might just stick to my smokey eye and glitter.