It turns out triangle bras aren’t better for your boobs


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It turns out triangle bras aren’t better for your boobs

At least they look good

Everywhere you look these days, girls are casting aside traditional underwired and padded bras in favour of bralettes and triangle bras.

We asked Bra Doctor Celine Segal what impact bralettes were having on our boobs and unfortunately, the prognosis wasn’t particularly positive.

Are wireless bras better for our health?

Wireless bras are very comfortable to wear because there are no wires, with that said if women wear the correct sizing with bras that do have underwires the comfort level will be the same.  The only advantage with a wireless bra is that there is no constriction for the breast tissue so yes, wireless bras are easier and more comfortable to wear.

Do they have any impact (positive or negative) on your posture?

If a woman, who requires a DD+ and more, wears a bralette or lighter support bra, her back will be in pain because the weight of the breast tissue will affect the shoulders and the back because she is lacking the appropriate support.  Bralettes are sexy but do not offer support.

Do they keep your boobs perkier than other types of bras?

No. Bralettes can be made of lace and can be made out of cotton.  These have a light to medium support and are worn for comfort.  They do not make the breasts perkier more than other bras would.

Is it possible for girls with bigger boobs to wear them?

Absolutely.  If a woman wearing a 36D for example she would need the same size equivalent in the bra.

Why do you think they are getting so popular?

This is an easy answer.  Most women go through different weights throughout their lives.  Could be pregnancy, over eating, menopause etc.  They don’t take into consideration that their bra size has changed and continue to purchase the same size prior to that gain.  With an underwire bra you can feel the underwire if the underwire is too small and the breast tissue overflows on the side.  With wireless bras, there is more of a stretch and the comfort level is optimum which is why they are so popular.

Oh well, at least we know why they’re so comfy now.