Girls tell us what their biggest relationship deal breakers are


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Girls tell us what their biggest relationship deal breakers are

Boy, bye

Each date is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. But if you don’t like it, spit it out or put it back. Do not blame your bad taste on the delicious chocolate you were so lucky to even try.

Following a miserable article called 17 mistakes girls make that ruin a first date, we decided to show guys they’re not as tasty as they’d like to think. From bad dates to pet-peeves, we’ve listed our worst turn-offs. Boys, it’s time to take note.

Caitlin Ashton, student

Don’t stand us up

“My worst date would be when the guy just didn’t show up at all and then when I asked him about it he said I’d been punked. He was such a prick anyway I found out he cheated on me multiple times as well so nothing really came to be much of shock.”

Maise Gillepsie, Events Promoter

Don’t be filthy

“Physically long finger nails or dirty nails. No thank you. Don’t want those inside me, or too cocky, someone who can’t be bothered to ask how your day was. It’s all about them.

“There was this one guy who asked me to split the bill because I had one more drink than him. Awkward as fuck, I even offered to pay and he went ‘don’t worry we can go halves’. It wasn’t good manners. The meal wasn’t expensive and he said don’t worry we will split it.

“I don’t expect him to pay but I was a bit like that’s cheap isn’t it?”

Amelia Rushmore-Perrin, student

Remember your manners

I know its old fashioned but I get peeved when guys don’t hold doors and don’t let me step out or get into lifts first. It’s just rude, I do it for other people and women, so men should definitely be doing it for the girl they’re on a date with.

“The other thing is when the guy tells me what he wants, like, at a bar and then because I’m standing in front he expects me to order it. Like, as a non drinker I feel weird asking for a type of beer they’ve requested or whatever, just do it yourself!

“Once I was on a first date with a boy and the bill came. It had come whilst I was in the toilet so I hadn’t known that it had arrived. I sat down at the table and literally before I’d even said a word he thrust the bill in my face like ‘we’re splitting this you know’. I would obviously have offered to pay for myself, I was just so shocked at the rudeness like that. Anyway we split the bill and I ended up dating him for a year, big mistake, as he was banging his mate the whole time. I should have known from that first interaction.”

Lauren-Rae Dodd, student

Have some goals

“So I’ve got to say my biggest turn off is a lack of independence. I’m hugely attracted to ambition and a goal driven guy would be ideal for me. I know we don’t all have it all figured out, myself included, but if a guy has no idea and no drive it’s a no from me.”

Lauren Williams, student

Stop lying and standing us up

“Worst date I ever had was when I was meant to meet this guy from uni at seven or whatever to go for some drinks, go check out some cool bars that I hadn’t been to yet. It all sounded great. Then I was left waiting around for an hour and a half because he was ‘too hanging’ to move and ‘too hanging’ to go out for drinks, so consequently we spent an hour aimlessly walking around Liverpool while I tried to make conversation to fill in all the awkward silences, was a fucking nightmare!

“My biggest turn deal breaker is bullshitting, if all you want is a fuck just tell me straight up. Or if you tell me you’re going to do something, then do it! Girls aren’t stupid in any kind of relationship – just friends or boyfriends. It would be so much easier if people were just honest.”

Jaz Gannon, student

Stop being so self-centred

“Qualities I hate in a guy are bad teeth, self-obsessed and also obsessed with the ‘lad’ culture. Someone who at our age who doesn’t know how to kiss is the worst and men that watch too much porn. Pretentiousness and men that just aren’t willing to have fun and let go.

“I could go on forever. I’ve had the worst men ever I went on a date with this guy to the local pub and all he went on about is how good looking he was and how appreciative I should be because I was out with him. It was just him telling me all this TV work he had done thinking he was some new Geordie Shore or TOWIE prick.”

Naomi Earle, graduate

Don’t stink up the bathroom

“So one time a guy came over before going out for pre drinks with my friends, and he took a massive shit in my ensuite and didn’t flush it, and it made the entire room smell really bad for at least an hour. And the whole night he was being an asshole being really loud.

“So I guess the turn off is not being considerate?”

Lydia Baxter, student

Don’t even think about cheating

“My biggest turn-off is when a guy, with a girlfriend, suddenly takes an interest in you. Spends all their time with you, stays up late trying to chat to you, slyly hits on you on nights out – all because they’re not gutsy enough to end it with their girlfriend before moving on.

“If you don’t have decency and respect at the end of the relationship then I don’t think you did throughout. Basically you’ve just tarnished your reputation two-fold in my books and you were never in with a chance.”