PSA to guys: Stop sharing those nudes of a female Olympic team


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PSA to guys: Stop sharing those nudes of a female Olympic team

Someone has found a way to belittle women Olympians even more

As if the accomplishments of female athletes haven’t been diminished enough in the past week at the Olympics, guys have now taken to sharing leaked nudes of a women’s hockey team in an attempt to belittle their accomplishments and remind everyone that, while they may be amazing athletes, first and foremost they are objects.

Two of my male friends have been sent the pictures on WhatsApp group chats today. If you type the country in question into Twitter the first search suggestion refers to the pictures.

The pictures apparently show the athletes showering together and hanging out in their hotel.

They seem to be linked to a video of one of the women having sex, apparently shot by one of the other women in the pictures. It was uploaded last year and has had more than 3 million views.

Among the set of pictures is a explainer with arrows pointing at a team photo, but it’s impossible to say for sure whether the photos are genuine. It actually doesn’t matter.

Porn is one thing. Watch it if you like. This is different.

This is the intentional humiliation of talented women during the most important moment of their lives. It’s clear from some old tweets that these pictures have been doing the rounds since the last Olympics. They are being shared again now because some guys aren’t satisfied with watching women play sports to the highest level – they have to see them without clothes on.

On TV these women are performing in the most prestigious sports tournament in the world. At home, men are turning them into masturbation material.

This is revenge porn – revenge on women for being the best at something.

Simone Manuel was the first African American woman to win swim gold, and we couldn’t be bothered to air it. Simone Biles won gold for all around – maybe share a picture of that?

We have no way to remind these incredible women that they are less capable, or less incredible than their superior male athletes, so we have taken to distributing personal photos of them showering together to knock them down another peg.

Just because you can’t convince someone to get in the shower with you, and just because you will never medal at the Olympics, doesn’t mean you should bring down those women who can.

These are Olympians goddamnit – absolute super stars – and this is our response?


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