I lived like Kylie Jenner for a week


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I lived like Kylie Jenner for a week

The worst part was her diet

Kylie Jenner is quite the young woman. Before she even turned 19, she had a modeling career, fame, a rapper boyfriend and her own designer cosmetics line.

I, the last person to understand how to use make-up, even purchased a few of her lipsticks and glosses. I found that her bodycon dresses were very cute as well. I decided, why not live like Kylie for a week and see how her puppy-filled, starstruck life is. Here are some of the awesome (and ridiculous) things I did to be like Kylie.


Kylie Jenner’s 15-step makeup routine did not appeal to me, but I did try to copy her look. I purchased her brown-orangey eyeshadow and then used my normal tinted eye brightener, eyeliner and eyebrow pencil to create her look (in my colors of course).


I tried to do her 15-step makeup routine. I say “try” – I got through concealer and a little bit of highlighting before I was totally over smearing shit on my face.


I resorted to the eye stuff. I put a lighter shade near my brow and a darker shadow on my lid, did the same eyeliner and brow stuff. I ended with lips –  Exposed by Kylie herself. I actually caked on a few layers of a beige matte lipstick first to make my lips appear larger, then added the Kylie lipstick. This is what it looked like.


I’m not a huge makeup fan so going all out only happened once. Oops.

Waist trainer

Kylie says that waist training really helps her (and her sisters) so I gave it a try. Waist trainers are meant to help you with posture as well as make you feel fuller by wrapping tightly around your waist. Her specific waist trainer is about $50. Mine is from CVS and costs $20.

I’m not sure how literally effective it is but I did lose about 5 pounds the week I used it. It helped me keep my back straight if nothing else, hence Kim K’s use of it when she works out (it helps with squatting).


Bodycon dresses

I don’t quite have Kylie’s curvy physique, so these dresses were not as flattering on me as they are on Miss Jenner.


I did like the color though, and I ordered a few more cause why not, right? But I definitely don’t have the body to rock it every day. You go King Kylie.

Puppy pics

Kylie has four dogs. Luckily, so does my family, one being a four-month old puppy like her new baby Penny. This made taking lots of puppy snaps a pretty easy thing to add to my day.


Gotta love the doggies!


Posing on/around cars

Miss Jenner also has, like, eight super expensive cars (that she doesn’t need). My family has four cars.

We have a Lexus coupe, so I drove it around as though I was Kylie. It was super fun and a bit thrilling, to say the least.


My close friend Souvik also got a new car and allowed me to take a ride (Tyga driving, Kylie selfie-ing style) and a sexy photo.


And finally, I gave a tour of my Porsche because, well, that’s what Kylie did with her new custom Land Rover.

Endless selfies

I’m no rookie in the selfie game but I am relatively new to the animated snap filters.

More selfies… and mostly the same filter.




Cutting out dairy

I love cheese. Kylie does, too. But she found out that she was lactose intolerant when she gained a bunch of weight from eating dairy. I had to copy her lifestyle and thus her diet. I slipped the first day and had a piece of cheese that I was just craving uncontrollably. Then, my dad went out and got me a latte like the fantastic and loving father he is. He did as he usually does and got me skim milk in it. I couldn’t say no. I had to remind my family that I was going dairy free and had to have coconut/soy/almond milk lattes.

My meals consisted of cheese-free chipotle bowls, egg white omelets with spinach and tomato, fish and soup, etc. Picking breakfasts that were easy but also dairy-free was insanely hard. My go-to’s are yogurt, reduced-fat turkey bacon sandwiches and protein bars with chocolate in them.

I totally failed the first few days because I ended up forgetting and eating dairy but by day three I got the hang out of it and was actively being dairy-free.

Yummy yummy cheese-free meal
Yummy yummy cheese-free meal

Living like Kylie for a week was kind of hard. I’m not into makeup and tight clothing and also love cheese, so I learned to admire Kylie for her ability to look so good in anything and stop herself from munching on the good stuff. I also learned a little more about makeup from trying to mirror her look.

But no concealer. Never again with the concealer.


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