Sorority girls tell us their biggest turn-ons and turn-offs


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Sorority girls tell us their biggest turn-ons and turn-offs

‘Biggest turn-off is eating sushi with your hands’

In this fast paced world of dating, most young people have the luxury of being picky, and making snap decisions about who they want for a partner. One simple mistake could be a deal-breaker.

Everyone looks for something a little different in their ideal mate, so I asked sorority girls what their biggest turn-offs and turn-ons are when it comes to potential romances.


“The biggest turn-off ever is when guys have dirty fingernails. If they have dirty nails it says a lot about their hygiene and could very well mean they just don’t care all that much about staying clean. So ladies, always go for guys with clean finger nails.” – Emily

“Smelly or dirty feet.” – Savi

“Bad teeth, because a nice smile is really important to me.”-Lili

“Bad breath, like seriously how hard is it brush your teeth or carry a few sticks of gum in your pocket.”-Lainey


“It’s a huge turn-off when a guy has a tool personality. Arrogance and self-centeredness is not attractive.” -Nicole

“I would say the biggest turn-off is when boys are disrespectful or arrogant.”- Olivia

“Entitlement is a huge turn-off. Just because you bought me a drink does not mean I’m going to go home with you. That sort of exchange is called prostitution.”-Ashley

“Being self absorbed or superficial are huge turn-offs for me. I really value people who genuinely value other people.” -Bri

“Biggest turn-off is eating sushi with your hands, especially licking your fingers after or chewing the sushi weirdly in the process.”- Savi

“Talking or chewing with their mouth open.”- Lainey

“It’s a huge turn-off when a  guy is rude to servers or bartenders when they are out.” – A

“Not loving food as much as me.” -Sheila

“I hate it when a guy doesn’t initiate the hook-up or know what they are doing.”- Kelly

“Doesn’t care about grades.”- Amanda

“Turn-off: holes in their socks.” – Savi

“Unnecessary swearing is a huge turn-off for me.” -Isabel

“It turns me off when guys are rude to their mom or sister/s”- Christy

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“Ignorance: know the facts, don’t believe everything BuzzFeed tells you in a ‘news article’ because two segments down from there it told me my celebrity lookalike is Beyoncé and nobody’s lookalike is Beyoncé.”- Ashely

“A turn-off is a guy who can’t dance or looks clearly uncomfortable.” – Jensen

“If he doesn’t have any platonic girl friends. I know that’s kinda weird, but I feel like if a guy can’t be ‘just friends’ with a few girls then he probably has some trouble keeping it in his pants.”- Amanda

“One turn-off is when a guy can’t stop talking about other girls.”- Shayla

“Huge turn-off is having a girlfriend while you’re trying to talk to me.” -Sheila


“Being able to cook AND out-eat me…. as in eat more than me.”- Daniella

“Good morning texts. It’s cliche but they always brighten my day and it’s nice to know they are thinking of you.”- Lainey

“Buying me food, and accepting me after watching me eat the food.”- Sheila

“My biggest turn-on is when a  guy casually puts his hand on the small of my back.” – Jensen

“I’m really turned on by intelligence and wit.I live for a sharp motherfucker.”- Bri

“Someone who is not afraid to be as big of a dork as I am.” -Kelly

“My biggest turn-on is when a guy has a funny personality.”- Nicole

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“Confidence but not cockiness. It’s a very thin line, don’t cross it.”- Lainey

“Turn-on: Considerate guys. It’s just so intimate and gratifying to know that someone isn’t only listening to you speak, but cares about what you’re saying.”- Bri

“Confidence, i.e. walk into every party with the confidence of a freshman with a lanyard around his neck trying to get his entire floor into a kegger.” -Ashley

“I love forehead kisses.”- Isabel

“It’s a turn on when a guy holds the door open, and when a guy spends time with you outside of drunk 2 A.M. moments.”


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“I may sound traditional, but I like it when a guy takes charge a little bit by planning a date or sending unexpected flowers.”- Isabel