A lookbook guide to dressing for the 90s fashion revival


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A lookbook guide to dressing for the 90s fashion revival

Think Spice Girls, think Kurt and Courtney, think effortlessly cool grunge boys and glowing pop princesses

It’s easy to get lost reminiscing about the 90s. With the nostalgic haze brought back by Pokemon go, 90s-cool-girl Winona Ryder once again on our television screens, the surging sales of vinyl and film cameras and even a new series of Twin Peaks in the works, love of the 90s is back in full force (if it ever really left us).

To top it all off there’s a total 90s fashion revival happening right now and if you haven’t already it’s time to get acquainted. Think Spice Girls, think Kurt and Courtney, think effortlessly cool grunge boys and glowing pop princesses. The 90s girls have attitude and a need to be seen, and 90s boys just don’t care.

Here’s a guide to the 90s trends that you need to know right now.

Crop tops

Straight out of a spice girls music video nothing screams pop princess quite like bright colours and a tight fitting crop top.

Denim mom jeans

A little oversized is perfect, especially when worn loosely around the waist.

Doc Martens

They go with anything and everything, adding a grunge-esque touch to any outfit.

The tattoo choker

Such a 90s fashion staple it barely needs a mention.

Hair Scrunchies

Remember in school when getting a new hair scrunchie was a super big deal? From silk to velvet prepare to be excited.

90s brand logos

Basic shirts of popular brands are great to pair with anything. Something minimalist in colour instantly offers a grunge appeal to the ensemble. If you’re not sure where to start, start here.


A huge 90s trend, plaid is the perfect pattern for anything. Just picture Cher Horowitz in Clueless. There is a hell of a lot of plaid in that cult classic. If you don’t want to be as bold as Cher’s bright yellow plaid skirt suit then maybe opt for colder colours like this blue and green mini skirt.

Fun hairstyles

If you’re not feeling one ponytail then why not go for pigtail style bunches and add some colour. Weird fun hair colours were all the rage in the 90s. Try using kool aid for a temporary bright streak of colour. That’s what you did as a kid, right?

Long socks

Long socks add a feminine touch to almost everything and are easily coupled with trainers, heels or even platforms.

Platform shoes

Where would the spice girls be without platform shoes? Think big and chunky but surprisingly easy to walk in. Big platform shoes stand out and they’ll make you stand out too. Have confidence and give them a shot.

Brown lipstick

Any shade will do but for a real 90s vibe keep it dark and witchy.

Slip Dress

Underwear as outerwear somehow works, and it looks really good. Cute silky dresses over grungy tops are taking layering to new heights.


Perfectly circular sunglasses are instant cool-girl. Instant.

Jelly sandals

This trend should never have left. Jelly sandals come in a huge range of colours. Even glitter! And they are perfect for almost all occasions. A trip to town? A day at the beach? I love them.

Denim jackets

The ultimate casual jacket. The dirtier and older it gets the better.

Oversized jumpers

Pulled straight out of your local charity shop you’ll have an instant cool boy appeal (and best of all it’s really cheap).

Flannel shirts

A flannel shirt tied around the waist is reminiscent of those 90s skaterboys we all had a crush on.

Messy hair

Push it back, rub some wax through it, that ‘messy hair just don’t care’ is so 90s.

Plain white shirt

A simple white tee should be a wardrobe staple. Use it to layer up with a flannel shirt for that perfect 90s dream boy appeal.

The leather jacket

The leather jacket should be the very staple of a punk rock wardrobe. Layer it over anything and everything.

Baggy trousers

Loose fitting and comfortable. The wider the leg the better.

90s style is about fun and freedom so as the Spice Girls song goes – come on and do it. 

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