I tried out those ‘exfoliating hair removal’ pads to see if they really gave you shiny legs


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I tried out those ‘exfoliating hair removal’ pads to see if they really gave you shiny legs

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It’s 2016. Nearly 2017. And it really is about time that there was a new hair-removal product on the market. We always complain about ingrown hairs from shaving and how expensive a good quality wax is. So it seemed too good to be true when I discovered these new exfoliating hair removal pads that claim to be “soft, painless and efficient”, apparently leaving your skin hairless and smooth.

Plus, due to the materials used to make them, they are recyclable and ecological, unlike other products in the stores.

The ones I bought were by the brand called Ecodepil, but the brand Satin Pure is also pretty well-known for these famous sandpaper-like mitts. After seeing endless Facebook videos and advertisements about them, I was pretty excited to see if they were as amazing as they looked.

The pack I got came with one large hand mitt and another tiny finger mitt on which you stick the grey exfoliating cards that come included. The card material is silicon crystal which when moved over the skin is supposed to weaken the hair roots and as a result, remove the hairs altogether. Also, they say that there is no risk of ingrown hairs thanks to the silicon. Sounds all rather perfect, don’t you think?

Unfortunately, for me at least, it seemed they were too good to be true. In fact, these pads were the biggest waste of £30 ever.

First of all, using them can be described as quite the opposite from ‘efficient’. If you want to spend half a day rubbing in circular movements on one part of your leg to remove only a remote amount of hair, then good for you, I respect your dedication to getting partly smooth limbs. But I would personally prefer to hop in the shower and have a two minute shave and deal with the odd bump. It might be less eco-friendly, but at least I’ll have time for lunch.

As the pads claimed they were suitable for all body parts, I decided to be brave and after spending ages on my legs, I tried my bikini line. I instantly wished I hadn’t. This is because in the moment I was using the mitt in that area, it appears fine. But about 25 minutes later I’d built up a big red dimply rash that left me looking like a tomato for ages, causing me to almost scrape me eyes out as I rubbed tears of frustration from my face with the same exfoliating mitt that I mistook as my hand.

I’m not saying that my experience will be for everyone. The videos I’ve seen online are incredibly impressive, but they didn’t work on my skin except for irritating it. My advice?If you have sensitive skin like mine, these pads probably aren’t for you. And as for quick and effective hair removal, I’d say go and treat yourself to a nice wax and see much better results in minutes.

At least I can guiltlessly throw them into the recycling bin.