How to nail a girls’ night out in Durham


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How to nail a girls’ night out in Durham

Without actually being girly

Durham, where to begin. Well we only have around five clubs so it isn’t exactly hard to figure that part out. But there’s a way of nailing it – and here’s how:

Getting ready

Oh crap. It is 7 o’clock, we have to get ready! Yes, it is true. The Durham scene ends at a mighty 2am, 2:30am once or twice a term for the BNOs. Therefore it is compulsory girls that we need to start getting ready at an early time, because pre drinks will no doubt start around 9pm.

What to wear

When pre drinks begins we need to make sure we are in form, uniform that is. It seems that most girls in Durham go for the cropped top, skinny black jeans and of course some Adidas Superstars and Nike Airs to top it off. Hey, throw in a cap but wear it backwards if you really want to commit. Also, for any themed event a little accessory or some glitter never goes a miss.

What to drink

Are we armed and ready though? For those on the hill it may be a quick trip to Dunelm where you swiftly walk past some bottles of Grey Goose in a luminous cabinet towards the more affordable Smirnoff, or if you are in town there’s no other option than Market Square’s ‘Big Tescos’ for a bottle of own brand. Mixer – some sort of flavoured soda water of course, it is gross, but hey the calories are super low gals. Or if it is an occasion, whip out the prosecco!

Where to go

All I am going to say is that girls we should NOT be going to Klute. The one exception is when you are dressed up to the max for some sort of initiation and you won’t remember it anyways.

So where instead? Well, Mondays there is no other place to go than Studio and Loft for Cheapskates (never quite sure what is where they seem to be the same). Cheap Jaegerbombs are ideal and it costs barely anything to get in.

Wednesdays are a no brainer – LoveShack. For the price of a fiver why would you even look in the direction of Lyodds eh? You’ll also find many a girl on the ‘stage’ in this club busting their moves – so if you like to show off when inebriated here is your perfect platform.

Getting there

If you get a taxi you are the laziest person alive, and we do not have the excuse of walking in heels. Unless it is a proper event – then the cobbled streets are a safety hazard and a taxi for a mere five minutes is completely acceptable. So, wearing our fashionable trainers of course, it’ll be a walk to the club, a drunk walk hopefully, probably a swift one too as it is always so cold and windy – remember to bring a jumper (vintage wins bonus points).

What to bring

First things first – bring a coat. The walk home is not fun otherwise. Bring your ID and probably just a decent amount of cash, even £20 can get you through the night, the North is cheap as chips in gravy when it comes to a night out in comparison to London per say. Also if you bring the credit card along it is going to get swiped, no questions about it. Don’t bring make up, no one does top ups. Durham is an extremely chilled night out.

Where to eat after

For those that get the midnight munchies, there are a few stops. Paddy’s pizzas are a good choice, Wok Next for some rice or noodles of your choice even better, but the real golden choice is Urban Oven – every option is available and some funky tunes accompany your normally not too long wait. If a take out doesn’t take your fancy, quite a fresher activity I guess, then go home and raid your cupboard. Or your housemate’s cupboard if you want to go down that route.