It’s Women’s Equality Day – and yet still guys won’t go down on us


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It’s Women’s Equality Day – and yet still guys won’t go down on us

Use your head

Today is Women’s Equality Day, when we celebrate the advances in granting equal rights and treatment to men and women, and dwell on the many miles we still have to go.

Women are getting closer to equality everyday – but shouldn’t this equal treatment apply in the bedroom? All sexual favors should be given and received equally, right?

Women have only recently been acknowledged as sexual creatures with desires and needs similar to men, yet it seems like women’s needs often come secondary, if at all, to the needs of her man.

A recent Canadian study confirms what women have known for decades: men give less oral sex than they receive. 63 percent of men compared to 44 percent of women reported receiving oral sex in their last hook-up, but 59 percent of women gave oral.

That’s some serious oral sex inequality, and it’s disrespectful.

Sex should be an act of pleasure for both parties involved, and although some women reported enjoying going down on their partner, 28 percent, there is still a large percentage of women leaving unsatisfied.

It’s not that sex should be a trading of favors, but men should respect the women they are with enough to care if they are pleasured from the experience.

So why don’t men go down on women as often as they probably should? Let’s debunk the mystery.

They are scared

OK, that’s fair. Vaginas are complex entities, and many women don’t even know exactly what goes on down there, but if a women is kind enough to shove sweaty balls in her face, it’s time to get over the fear. There’s nothing to be afraid of, because at the very least effort was put in. It’s always better to strike out then to never step up to the plate.

They were never asked to

This is just annoying. People do things they weren’t asked to do all of the time, simply because it’s the right thing to do, and returning sexual favors falls under this category. Granted some women might not want to for one reason or another, but the act of offering shows a lot about a man’s character and level of respect for the woman he is with.

She is on her period

This is the only valid excuse.

They don’t know what they are doing

Do you think women came out of the womb knowing how to give fantastic head? Absolutely not, but there are plenty of ways to figure out the best way to navigate a vagina. The internet, friends, magazines, books, siblings, etc. There are so many resources available, so not knowing how to go down on a women is not a valid excuse, and anyone who uses it is lazy.

In case anyone reading could use a few resources, here’s a few tips from Men’s Fitness, Bustle, Cosmo and The Tab.

One bad experience

Maybe the last time a woman came all over their face, or personal hygiene wasn’t at the level it should be, but one bad experience doesn’t give a man the right to swear off oral sex forever. If a man is worried about a bad situation happening again, communication is always key. It’s important for sexual partners to have an open dialogue with each other, where a man can request more showers or a warning before cumming, and a woman can request shaved balls and respect for her gag reflex.

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It’s not masculine

A post on Total Fraternity Move said men should not have to go down on women, because it’s not masculine. Let’s play along with this douchebag’s gender roles just for a moment. Considering part of being masculine is having the ability to take care of a woman, shouldn’t going down on a women and successfully making her orgasm be considered very masculine, espcially because the man is in complete control of the outcome?

If the worry is being considered unmasculine then men should never receive head again, because in this act the woman is in complete control. She is in control of pleasure, while the man sits there praying his dick doesn’t get bitten off (which it might if he never returns the favor).

Vaginas are gross and ugly

This is a valid point, but a penises aren’t exactly masterpieces. Penises are ugly too, and actually a clitoris is very similar to a penis. Both are shafts (a woman’s is just inside the body), both swell when aroused, and both have glans and foreskin. Don’t believe it? Take an anatomy class.

Not only is it respectful to reciprocate, it’s also a great way to give both people the pleasure of having sex without as many risks. Oral sex is an excellent form of birth control.

Men, it’s time to make a change. Show women the respect they deserve and go down on them, when they go down on you. If you keep abstaining from this form of sexual equality you may quickly find yourself unwillingly abstaining from sex all together.



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