We asked a tattoo artist how long it will take for your minimalist tattoos to go out of fashion


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We asked a tattoo artist how long it will take for your minimalist tattoos to go out of fashion

Apparently everyone asks for infinity signs

Good news guys: minimalist tattoos are here to stay. At least, according to tattoo artist Taz they are, who says “they will never go out of fashion, they’re a way of life. For some they’re tradition, some use it for therapy, some use it for locking friendship or a bond. Tattoos are forever.”

So we at The Tab delved a little deeper, to find out for you why minimalist tattoos are here to stay, and what Taz thinks about the future of other tattoo trends.

Do you think minimalist tattoos, as in the squiggly lines and geometric shapes, are going out of fashion, or do you think they’ll be around for years?

Geometric shapes will forever be in style because there is pretty much no escaping it. They all will be, because they’re so small, but the idea is so big. I follow this artist named ­_dr_woo_ on Instagram and his work is one of my favourites and that’s all the types of tattoos he does.

Do you get asked for many minimalist tattoos, or is it a pretty rare occurrence?

It really all depends on the area and the clientele, and the mind-set of the customer. But it’s really rare that I do them. I live in Charlotte NC, and here, the type of people I deal with want things other than that.

I try to stand out as an artist and draw more of a variety of things to control my audience so every time I tattoo, it’s something different. Styles like realism, black and grey etc.

Do you get any similar, general things that you find a lot of people ask for?

The majority of people want small things like infinity signs, heart beats, small feathers. No offence to any of them, but things like that are very common.

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What do you think about some of the other big tattoo trends of 2016? So there’s cubism, double exposure, watercolour etc.? Are they going to fade?

I mean, I love them and would like to do more. I believe they’ll become more popular. It’s just an opinion, I wouldn’t really know until the future, but it’s a unique style. I don’t think anything will go out of style because if it’s done then I’m sure more people will want it. I wouldn’t really be able to tell, [so many] people get tattoos everyday so it’ll never really be known if it’s still in style.

Is there a particular style of tattoo that’s your favourite, either to tattoo on someone or just to look at?

I like Trash Polka style, but I’m more of a realism type of artist. It’s art, I mean it just sits well in my eyes when I see it. It’s more of a feeling. Trash Polka has very abstract concepts that I like.