All the evidence that convicted the city banker accused of rape


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All the evidence that convicted the city banker accused of rape

The jury returned a guilty verdict in under six hours

A City stockbroker who raped a woman as she slept under a desk after a cocaine and champagne-fuelled office party faces jail.

Daniel Green, 26, attacked the victim after the late night booze up in May last year, and did not stop until she started crying.

His victim had been out with a friend drinking in the City of London when they met Green and his work colleagues from StratX.

City worker Daniel Green pictured arriving at the Old Bailey

They all carried on drinking in a Pitcher & Piano bar, before heading back to StratX’s offices, in Abchurch Lane, near Monument tube station, for an after hours drinking session.

Timothy Forster, prosecuting, said the victim and her friend had been taking cocaine, and “it may that some of those at StratX also took cocaine, including Mr Green.”

Back at the office, they drank champagne and listed to music, until the victim realised she was tired and had taken enough drugs and alcohol, the Old Bailey was told.

As she did not have enough money for a taxi, she curled up under a desk to wait for the first morning train back home. Green then entered the office and raped her on the floor.

Despite the victim’s repeated pleas for him to stop, the rapist only halted his vicious attack when she started crying. He quickly dressed and left the building. Green claimed the sex was consensual, and that he thought she was crying because his large penis had hurt her.

He also suggested she had accused him of rape as she did not like stockbrokers, or because she was coming down from cocaine and felt “weird.” But his claims were rejected by a jury, who returned a guilty verdict after five hours and 55 minutes of deliberations.

Green, wearing a navy blue suit, light blue checked shirt and blue tie, and with gelled slicked-back hair, showed no emotion as the verdict was returned.

Mr Forster told the court: “At some point – it appears to be well into the following morning, we are now into Saturday morning – somebody in the StratX group suggested to the group as a whole they go back to the offices and carry on the party, drinking and listening to music.”

Eight people including the victim, her friend and Green ended up back at the offices, jurors were told. But by 4am, just the alleged victim, her friend, Green and another man were left. While they were there, they drank a bottle of champagne, occasionally popping downstairs to smoke outside.

Mr Forster said: “What was going on upstairs was good natured, and people were just drinking and listening to music and having a good time there.”

After a few hours, the victim became tired, so “she crawled under a desk and fell asleep”, the court heard. Mr Forster added: “And she did that also because she didn’t have enough money to pay for a cab home, so decided to sleep it out and wait for the first train in the morning.

“That’s where she said she fell asleep, and she appears to be asleep for some considerable time.” Some two hours later around 6am, Green entered the office.

Mr Forster told the court: “She was lying under the desk in the gloom of the office fast asleep, and suddenly she feels somebody pulling at her lower clothing. She can see its Mr Green because there’s enough light to do that. And he pulls off her trousers and her knickers.

“As she realises what he is doing, she starts saying to him, ‘no’, and she repeats that, but he carries on.  All the time, she is saying no. It is only, it appears when she actually bursts into tears that he stops. He then got up and left her in the room quietly sobbing in the gloom of the office.”

Green left the building, and the victim called another friend on her mobile, who contacted the police. Police arrived at the scene, and the victim told them what had happened and Green was arrested later that day at his home in Walthamstow, north east London. He was later told traces of the victim’s DNA had been found on his boxer shorts.

Sentencing was adjourned until a date to be fixed.