Why do I only fancy guys with ginger hair?


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Why do I only fancy guys with ginger hair?

They’re sweet like honey

Ginger men have it hard, or so society would make you think. They’re bullied as kids, we’re told, and spend their lives wishing they hadn’t inherited the ginger gene. Well, I am here to make the case that ginger men everywhere should rejoice and embrace the fact that they are genetically blessed. Hyperbolic statement? Maybe. Aesthetically beautiful? Definitely.

We’re talking Prince Harry and Eddie Redmayne with their charming English accents and suitably adorable freckled noses. We’re talking Ed Sheeran and Rupert Grint. We’re talking Greg Rutherford and Johnny Peacock. They’ve got a certain je ne sais quoi that you just don’t get with other men.

Why then are they so fantastic?


One word: Freckles

Second word: adorable. I wasn’t sure that freckles were cute on a grown man until I watched the rom-com classic, About Time, and realised that Tim, played by Domhnall Gleeson is as cute as they get.

They’re quietly very confident 

Gingers get a hard time which means that ginger men have probably, at some point, been victim to a cruel comment or two. Whenever you watch a film, the ginger guy is always the gawky kid or the nerdy one. In some fertility clinics you can have tests to see if you carry the ginger gene. In Corsica, gingers are spat on (supposedly it’s good luck).

One might therefore argue that they’ve had to work harder in life. All of this unavoidable character building tends to mean that the ginger men of this world, once they realise their fabulousness, have oodles of personality  What you find is that the ginger man has oodles of personality and they just ooze charm.

Sure, Prince William always seems lovely in his interviews but you just know you’d have a better time with Harry. He’s up for a giggle and he’s definitely a rule breaker. Why play it safe with a blonde when you could have a honey haired hottie?


They look good forever

Ginger hair tends to retain its natural pigment which means only one thing: ginger men are pretty much ginger for life. Basically, your hot guy is going to age really, really well. Just look at Damien Lewis. He’s 45 and still a bona fide ginger beauty. See also Michael Fassbender who is approaching the big 40.


Ginger haired men who tan well are fantastic

We’re led to believe that those with the ginger gene are cursed with painfully pale skin. Wrong. I’d argue that Eddie Redmayne is a pretty fabulous ginger haired man and if you look at his Burberry campaigns, there’s a definite hint of a tan there. Go on, Google it, I dare you. It’s a dreamy sight.

They’re a bit different

Only two per cent of the world has naturally ginger hair thus meaning your ginger guy is pretty special. Sure, tall, dark and handsome is a classic look. Blondes are always championed. Gingers, however, are like gold dust. They’re hard to find but if you ask me, they’re well worth the effort.


They grow a really good beard

We all know there’s nothing better.

And finally, they have fabulous eyes

Ginger barnet and green eyes? Striking. Ginger mop and piercing blue eyes? Melt my heart. Ginger locks and big brown eyes? Hello there sir.

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