What I learned watching The Lizzie McGuire Movie as an adult


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What I learned watching The Lizzie McGuire Movie as an adult

This is what dreams are made of

by Meg

Have you ever wondered what life is about? You could search the world and never figure it out. Alternatively, you could just watch The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

Okay, so one might say that in parts it’s highly unrealistic, from how to convince your militant teacher you’ve got chronic flu to how to convince an entire European country you’re a platinum selling pop star.

However, cheesy Europop aside, Hilary Duff’s greatest film is riddled with pearls of wisdom and invaluable life lessons. Here’s what I learned when I revisited everyone’s favourite film from 2003.

Don’t assume the popular girls are always evil 

Kate Sanders has it all – or so Lizzie thinks. At first, she appears as a quintessentially popular teenage high school girl with the latest clothes and a sadistic look in her eye. She makes Lizzie’s life a living hell and strikes fear into the bones of gawky Gordo.

A particular highlight of Kate’s sass-filled existence comes when Gordo describes her as “evil and smart” to which she replies: “Embrace it. Fear it.”

Nevertheless, despite seemingly meeting all of the expectations of the stereotypical villain, Kate proves herself to be a loyal ally to Lizzie in her hour of need. From helping her sneak around the hotel to convincing her to go after Gordo, the normally-not-so-nice-gal lets her guard down and teaches us all that we shouldn’t assume the really obnoxiously popular girls in high school are bad.


Find your Gordo and hold onto him

We’re always told to marry the good guy and for some reason, unbeknown to most of us, never really listen. Well, that good is embodied in the form of Lizzie’s eternally faithful friend, David Gordon aka Gordo.

Not only does the curly-haired dreamboat worship the ground that Lizzie walks on, he also sacrifices his Italian adventure in order for her to live her dream with her Italian pop star.

While Paolo Valisari offers smouldering good looks, fireworks and tours around Rome on a Vespa, Gordo offers a shoulder to sleep on, rooftop kisses, and unfaltering friendship.”I’m in Rome with my best friend,” says Gordo: “I’m good.”

If one thing is evident from this film, it’s that we should never underestimate the Gordos of this world. They’re keepers.


You shouldn’t always think the grass is greener

Like a million teenagers before her, Lizzie is itching to grow up and grow out of her awkward high school phase. So, when she’s presented with the opportunity to toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain and make a wish, the audience can only assume she wishes for a life changing adventure.

That, of course, she gets. However, what Lizzie fails to realise is that life was pretty good for her anyway. If we learn anything, it’s that the grass isn’t always greener and spending your summer with Gordo is actually what dreams are made of.


Life is too short to not eat the spaghetti 

Look at Kate and Ethan Craft. She spends the whole film denying herself a bowl of Italy’s finest carb and being utterly grouchy. As soon as she succumbs to the superpower of ragu-covered spaghetti, though, she perks up a little and realises that life is good for her.

When it comes to fashion, embrace your inner Lizzie

From cute paisley tea dresses to baby pink sweaters with matching knee-high socks, Lizzie has got some serious sartorial sass. What’s more, she’s quite open about being an outfit repeater. She dgaf and neither should you.

When it comes to perfecting your aesthetic, channel your inner Miss McGuire, braid your hair and dig out your embellished denim jacket. What is more, watching the 2003 film in 2016 means she’s right on trend with her slightly stuck-in-the-late-90’s wardrobe. It’s a dream.


If you’re ill, you should rest and eat fresh Italian apricots in bed

Because they’ll make you better? No, because they are in season and delicious. That Italian doctor just knows.

Never trust the charming guy with the cheesy lines

Nobody can blame Lizzie for falling for the far too smooth Italian, Paolo. He takes her to gardens at sunset and to see fireworks under the stars. It was bound to happen.

Nevertheless, in turning her attention to the charming Italian, Lizzie turns her back on Gordo. If we can learn anything, it’s that it’s very unlikely that the guy with the painfully cheesy lines is a good egg.

“Who are you going to believe? This boy you are knowing your whole life? Or this boy you are just meeting, who says “You shine like the light from the sun”? – Isabella

I might also add that if said charming man is wearing light blue sunglasses and a 70s-esque blue shirt stollen from a Bee Gees tribute act’s wardrobe, you definitely shouldn’t trust him.

Actually, never trust a man in leather trousers either

See below. Enough said.


And finally, don’t dream about being a pop star

Because if Lizzie taught us anything, it’s that you’re pretty awesome as you are.