An alcohol psychologist tells us why gin makes you cry


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An alcohol psychologist tells us why gin makes you cry

We’ve all been there

As you probably already know, gin is an all time favourite. Gin and tonic, Collins, Long Island Iced Tea, Martinis, they’re all good.

But there is one down side to the coveted drink. As much as everyone loves it, there’s something about gin that people associate with being emotional and a “sad drunk.” But is there something about gin in particular that makes us sad, or is it alcohol in general?

We asked alcohol psychologist Paul Toner whether gin actually does make you cry, and set about busting some other alcohol myths at the same time.

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To be honest, it’s not good news. Due to the high alcohol content in gin, Toner says ” it will act as a depressant if it’s drunk in large quantities, and/or in a short space of time.”

This is because “alcohol is a sedative, and depresses the central nervous system, therefore making people less able to regulate their thoughts and feelings. If you are feeling emotional about something, you are more likely to express this without normal inhibitions.” So there you go, don’t get drunk if you’re already in a state about why your latest Tinder date hasn’t responded to your three day old message. It’s just not worth it.

But what about the other common myths about alcohol, are any of them true? Do different alcohols make you a different kind of drunk? Does tequila really make you crazy? Again, it’s all to do with the alcohol content. Toner says that “something like an alcoholic energy drink will have both sedative and stimulant effects, so while it will initially make you hyper, when the alcohol consumed begins to depress the central nervous system, you will become drunk.”

Also, apparently pretty much any drink with a high ABV content, if drunk in large quantities in a short timeframe may well make you “crazy”. So that explains why you go mad after a few too many Margaritas.

The silver lining to all this? There may be some truth to the the fresher week mantra, “beer before liquor, never been sicker; liquor before beer, you’re in the clear.” Again, it’s based on the alcohol content. “If you end the night drinking beer you are taking in less units as there is a lower ABV for the amount consumed. However, if you are drinking shots when you are already intoxicated, you are likely to consume many more units, much quicker.”

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