Every tweet about how Hillary killed it at last night’s debate


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Every tweet about how Hillary killed it at last night’s debate

We feel you hun

Here are some facts universally acknowledged this morning: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump had a debate last night. Donald Trump spoke more than Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton won the debate – and she also had to put up with a lot of shit while doing it.

There are two ways to respond to the American election – either get angry about it, or laugh at it. If you didn’t manage to stay up to catch the debate (or if you lost sleep over it and now regret it), these guys pretty much sum it up for all of us.

Hillary kept looking into the camera like she was tired of this shit and wanted us all to know it


There was a predictable amount of digs at Hillary’s ‘stamina’

Every single annoying person on your newsfeed was posting their Snapchat filtered faces like it’s literally the funniest thing in the world

Jerry Springer got involved because America

Donald Trump literally just fucking lied to millions of people on live TV

And acted like a little bitch with no inside voice while talking about how good his temperament was

Basically Hillary was a real life Lesley Knope

Or a real life Mother of Dragons

She got some great digs in

But got interrupted constantly which people could really relate to


She had a great outfit on tbf

And at the end of it she posted this sassy tweet to end all tweets