RIP Lucy Watson. Made in Chelsea is doomed now the Queen has gone forever


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RIP Lucy Watson. Made in Chelsea is doomed now the Queen has gone forever

The show is officially dead

Back in August 2015, Made in Chelsea star and playboy Spencer Matthew’s broke our hearts when he confirmed he would not be returning to E4’s Made in Chelsea.

Now ice queen Lucy Watson has truly crushed all hopes by confirming she will also not be returning to E4’s Made in Chelsea for season 12. Earlier today, E4 released their season 12 cast photo, and Queen Lucy was nowhere to be found.

A spokesperson for Lucy confirmed: “After four amazing years on Made in Chelsea, Lucy feels that now is the right time to explore some other exciting opportunities and projects that she is passionate about.

“Being part of such a successful show has been an incredible experience for her, and she wishes everyone involved all the very best for the future.”

She first appeared in the show back in October 2012, completely taking the show by storm. No one will ever forget her infamous line, “Why is everyone getting up in my grill?”.

From then on, she grew to become everyones favourite character. Gorgeous, and an undeniable mega babe, she is an idol to us all. From her, “Your nose ring looks really weird”, to her amazing resting bitch face. – She will never be replaced.

Guesses are, she’s left the show to live her life with pretty boy Digby and lap dog James Dunmore. (Oh wait, I think that’s the other way round). Our only hopes now are to spot her majesty parading the streets of SW3.

  • Long live the Queen.

    It’s a sad day for us all, so go home, cry and binge watch MiC series 4 – 11.