Liverpool student uses sexual assault joke as chat up line on Tinder


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Liverpool student uses sexual assault joke as chat up line on Tinder

He said ‘1 in 4 women are victims of sexual assault. Would you like to be one of them?’

A student claiming to study at the University of Liverpool has used a joke about sexual harassment as a chat up line on Tinder.

The user messaged the victim on Tinder saying: “Do you know that 1 in 4 women is sexually assaulted in the U.K. every year – would you like to be on of them?”

Twitter user @antxnyr tweeted the message sent to the victim, one of his friends, to @LivUni saying “hi I’m just wondering if you’re aware that people such as *** who attend ur institution think rape is a funny joke ???”.

The tweet has gone viral, being retweeted 225 times and liked 363 times in only 32 minutes. It caused a twitter debate, with the Vice President of the Guild, Yasmin Gasimova getting involved. She tweeted she would bring the incident to the university’s attention. The University also tweeted saying: “Thank you for letting us know – We are looking into it.”

Yasmin then responded, saying she was looking to confirm the man was a UoL student. She also warned no threats should be made to anyone involved:

The victim also responded to the messages.

Yasmin told the Tab that she had used the adjective ‘filth’ in referral to the message, not the boy.

There were also many other people tweeting about the incident in solidarity with the victim, one suggesting consent classes at uni would help solve the issues:

The university also eventually replied to the thread:

Aoife, the Vice President of Feminist Society at the university, said: “This is a prime example of lad culture and sexism on campus that must be called out.

“The gross justification for rape jokes is damaging because it trivialises sexual assault and can be a reason as to why more victims don’t come forward.”

The message sender’s details have been blurred while we find more information. The victim’s details have been removed to protect her identity.