There is a petition to make tampons and sanitary towels free


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There is a petition to make tampons and sanitary towels free

It’s been signed by 22,000 people, join them

A petition demanding free tampons and sanitary products for all women is quickly gathering support.

While it was only started just over a week ago, over 22,000 people have signed it. The petition, started by Sussex fresher Halima Nabahan, says: “Menstruation is a natural part of life for almost every female on the planet. The fact that women have to spend thousands of pounds on their periods whilst free contraception is handed out is absurd and needs to be changed. Menstruation is a lot harder to refrain from than sex.”

The NHS currently spends £68,000-a-year on free contraception. But Halima, who turns 20 tomorrow, says women spend £6,000 in their lives on tampons and sanitary towels, and a further £2,000 on pain relief. She added: “Sex and periods; both are equally important and need to be treated as such.”

Halima, who started the petition

In a Facebook post, Halima said: “For a long time now I’ve wanted to start a petition regarding the issue of the cost of tampons and sanitary towels. Why do women all over the world have to pay thousands over their lifetime to control something that is as natural as breathing, eating and drinking? Whilst contraception is handed out for free? In no way shape or form am I devaluing the importance of contraception merely just using it as a relative.”

The government now have to respond to the petition, after it reached a benchmark of 10,000 just yesterday. It started the day on 3,000. With the rate it’s receiving signatures, it is likely to hit 100,000 within the six month limit and would then have to be discussed in Parliament.

Sign the petition here.